El arte de decorar y hacer magia en el hogar

La pandemia del Covid-19 ha transformado por completo nuestros hábitos de vida. Con todo, también ha cambiado nuestra forma de festejar. Mientras duren las restricciones sociales para evitar la propagación del coronavirus, es posible reenfocar las reuniones en espacios exteriores. Aquí, hemos reunido algunos consejos para crear un evento inolvidable y al mismo tiempo, minimizar las […]

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A beginner’s Guide for Buying, Renovating, and Selling Houses

Flipping houses is an investment strategy in real estate that consists of buying a home, renovating it, and selling it. Check out this comprehensive guide with ShBarcelona. Are you ready to take advantage of the growing real estate market? Here is a step-by-step guide for checking your property, avoiding beginners’ mistakes, and building a profitable and […]

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Advice on Renting Student Apartments in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that is visited by many students from overseas. Renting student apartments in Barcelona is an option that many students choose for, and you will understand why after reading this article. So let’s start with giving you some advice on how to rent student accommodation in Barcelona. We are sure you will […]

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Iluminación para exteriores

Cada vez se dan más ocasiones en las que las luces led se convierten en el tipo de iluminación más adecuado. Se usan en el hogar, formando parte de la iluminación y de la decoración, tanto del interior como de exterior. Así mismo, se utilizan en las zonas urbanas en fechas señaladas, como son las […]

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Staying Inside? Prepare Everything to Binge Watch a Series at Home

We already love to binge watch a series on television, and due to Covid-19 we spend even more time inside the house. Even though Barcelona enjoys many sun hours throughout the year, temperatures still drop in autumn and winter, and that’s when we feel more comfortable in a warm home. If you want to know […]

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New Rent Reference Index in Barcelona: Information And FAQ’s on The New Law

With the new law on urgent measures to limit rent on residential leases, Law 11/2020, that came into force on 22 September 2020, Barcelona entered a new phase to regulate rental prices by introducing a housing rent reference index. This Law aims to set a limit on prices of rental accommodations through the index. Up […]

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11 Tips for Renting a Shared Apartment in Barcelona

If you want to start living on your own or want to move to and live in Barcelona, sharing an apartment is an option you should definitely consider. It is actually very common for many young people and students to share a place in Barcelona, as they cannot yet afford a place of their own. […]

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How Much Savings You Need When Buying an Apartment in Barcelona in 2020

The following question is the most important question anyone should ask himself before buying an apartment in Barcelona: How much should I have in my savings account? Buying a home will probably be the biggest investment during your life, so you should know beforehand how much you should have saved to pay for a property, […]

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