Month: February 2017


Do people speak English in Barcelona?

If you have decided to come for a visit in sunny Barcelona, or if you are planning to stay for a little while, the first question you will probably ask yourself is “What language do people speak in Catalunya?”. And the next, if English will be enough to get by during your stay. Regardless of […]

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Palau Sant Jordi

Palau Sant Jordi is an impressive multi-purpose venue which sits atop Montjuïc as part of the Olympic Ring, landmark location of the 1992 Olympic Games. Below the sleek, iconic dome – which took 10 ten days and 12 hydraulic jacks to raise – you’ll find the ‘go to’ venue for all the biggest concerts, both […]

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Spain’s Top 10 most popular drinks

With a reputation for being one of the best countries in the world, Spain’s irresistibly vibrant culture continues to beckon visitors from all over the globe. Offering mouth-watering cuisine, sun blossomed wines, Mediterranean beaches, and incredible architecture spilling from every street crevice, it’s easy to see how Spain has become one of the most popular destinations […]

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12 Barcelona Facts

Skip to content 32 million tourists came to Barcelona in 2016. Barcelona has a population of 1.6 million. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. The word Barcelona is searched for 9.1 million times per month. Barcelona has 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seven of them created by Antoni Gaudí and two by Lluís Domènech i Montaner. […]

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Carles Picazo, guia turístic expert en formació

Carles Picazo a Montserrat Carles Picazo és Diplomat en Turisme (TET i TEAT) – Centre d’estudis tècnics turístics-, Guía Oficial de Turisme de Catalunya  nº 193 (Cat, Cast, Ag, Fr, It, De) i MBA, Escola d’Administració d’Empreses EAE. La seva experiència professional el portà durant 20 anys a recórrer Europa fent de guia de ruta […]

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Manuel Medarde, expert en Gaudí

L’antropòleg Manuel Medarde Manuel Medarde, arqueòleg i doctorat en prehistòria i historia antiga a la Universitat de Barcelona. Enginyer industrial per la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. La seva trajectòria professional es desenvolupà com enginyer a Ing. C. Olivetti & Co., SpA i arqueòleg en el Servei de Patrimoni Arquitectònic de la Diputació de Barcelona. Autor […]

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The legends hidden in the mountain of Montserrat

Montserrat, mysterious land Montserrat is located 50 kilometers northwest of Barcelona. It is one of the most beautiful and admirable mountains in the world due to its abrupt and huge shapes. Its appearance impressive and threatening have created many legends around it. The impact it produces the first time you arrive at the mountain and contemplate […]

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Daniel Llaudet, expert en Desenvolupament Humà

Daniel Llaudet Daniel Llaudet és Llicenciat en Psicologia i Titulat en Química. Sempre en constant formació i especialització amb els millors professionals de cada sector. Destaquem entre els títols que ha anat obtenint: Màster en Drogodependències (Psicobiologia Clínica, Universitat de Barcelona), Selecció de Personal (EIDM – França), Recursos Humans (CRECI – França), Màster en Anàlisi […]

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