Month: January 2018


Weekend Getaway Near Barcelona: Lleida

Located just one hour away from Barcelona by AVE (High-speed rail), Lleida is idyllically situated on the River Segre. The city is nestled amongst two emblematic hills and has enough charm to wet the appetite of any city-loving explorer. Its surrounding region, the province of Lleida, also boasts some of the finest scenery in Catalonia. […]

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Telepizza is a leading online pizzeria that was created in Madrid in 1987. A pioneer in home delivery, Telepizza has since grown to become a the fifth largest pizza company in the world with over 600 stores in Spain and over 1,600 outlets worldwide. Irresistable and Unique Pizzas Telepizza focuses on maximum attention to detail […]

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What is Tabarnia?

In the past few weeks, Tabarnia has become a buzz word in Barcelona and throughout the rest of Spain. In the wake of the recent Catalan independence referendum and the resulting discontent, Tabarnia developed as a political movement operating under the slogan “Barcelona is not Catalonia.” But what exactly is Tabarnia and what does it advocate […]

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What You Need To Know About Adeslas Barcelona

Spain has universal health care for all citizens and, in emergency cases, non-citizens as well. Most services are free apart from a few certain products and services in which a small fee is necessary. Spain does also allow for private insurance, which could be better for more serious conditions as patients can usually get quicker treatment […]

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Barcelona renews its commitment with the environment 

Catalonia’s main city revalidates the Biosphere World Class Destination certificate, in compliance with the standards for sustainable and quality tourism. Barcelona is, yet again, a ‘Biosphere’, tourist destination. Recently, Catalonia’s capital has revalidated the certification as a city Biosphere World Class Destination, which recognizes the advances in making tourism an environmentally and socially sustainable activity. Only […]

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What to do in Barcelona Sants Montjuic?

There is in almost every city an area that has a special appreciation from nearly all citizens foreigners. If such is the case in Barcelona, I would dare to say that the district of Sants Montjuic is the one that makes everyone in town feel right at home. Sants combines the charm of the village […]

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Hamburguesería Rústica Tio Joe

Tio Joe is situated just above Diagonal on the border of Gràcia and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. The interior has a rustic theme, creating a refreshing contrast from the hustle and bustle of the businesslike neighborhood it stands in. Burgers are the stars of the show here and pictured above is the epic Tita Lola, which includes […]

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5 Travel tips to visit Barcelona

A guide during a tour inside Sagrada Familia Travelling to a new city can be as exciting as stressful especially if we do not speak the same language or if it is a different country with another culture. To avoid any kind of unexpected situation and make sure you get the most of your trip, […]

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