Month: November 2018

Masonic Barcelona

Many important figures in the history of Barcelona are known to have been Freemasons. These include Ildefons Cerdà, who designed the 19th-century extension of Barcelona called the Eixample and Lluís Companys who was President of Catalonia during the Civil War. During the years of Franco, Freemasons were persecuted and the dictator ordered that masonic symbols on buildings be destroyed. […]

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Christmas Activities For Kids In Barcelona

The Christmas season is a magical time, one full of activities for children to enjoy to the maximum. The lights, the Christmas carolers, the energy in the city, the presents to come, the upcoming winter vacation…. When you’re a kid, what’s not to love about this time of year? Besides the naturally beautiful and enchanting […]

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Where To Go For Christmas Dinner in Barcelona

Christmas Day is a very special time for many people as it gives a reason to celebrate in and of itself. It is an occasion where family and friends are reunited and get to spend quality time together that they don’t normally experience during the rest of the year. Although the celebratory dinner is perhaps […]

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Decorating Your House For Christmas

Decoration is the footprint of the home that makes it unique, that shows your personality and tastes, something very personal that demonstrates what you like to surround yourself with and your way of life. Just as you would dress up nicely for important and special events such as weddings, baptisms or New Year’s Eve, it’s […]

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Are you ready for your trip to Barcelona?

How’s the planning going for your trip to Barcelona? Is there anything we can help you with as a local experts? What have you been dreaming of? Leave all your comments and desires below and take note of our basic ideas in this blog to take the most of your trip. Which are the visits […]

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5 Facts About Tapas That You Need To Know

“Pinxos” at the Blai street in Barcelona I’m always curious to hear what people think of when they think of Barcelona—especially if they’ve never visited the city before. Often, it’s art, Antoni Gaudí’s architecture, and tapas. While everybody knows that tapas are small aperitives, there’s little else about tapas that’s common knowledge. I wanted to […]

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The life of the associated artisans in Barcelona, the city trade unions

Frame of the guilds at La Casa de la Seda Barcelona The life of the artisans in Barcelona changed completely due to the Cerdà’s plan and the creation of Vía Layetana (where our office is located) at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then many guild houses were lost making us impossible to visit […]

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