Year: 2019


Three Kings’ Parade 2020 in Barcelona

The parade of the Three Wise Men is one of the most eagerly awaited events by both children and adults. In Barcelona, just like in many other cities, it is celebrated enthusiastically. Today’s article on ShBarcelona‘s blog would like to share a few details with you on what will be happening on January 5, 2020. […]

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All you need to know to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 

How to celebrate Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Barcelona as a local? Barcelona’s holiday season is magical. The city is filled with decorated Christmas trees, nativity scenes, Christmas markets, and other rich traditions that bring the season to life.  Us Catalans have some of our own traditions that you won’t find anywhere else. When […]

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Low Emission Zones on Barcelona’s Roads

More than 350 people have died because of pollution in 2018, which is why the city of Barcelona wants to make drastic changes as of January 1, 2020. The measure they have taken is known as ZBE or “Zona de Bajas Emisiones” (low emission zone), and its objective is to improve air quality through the […]

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Barcelona, last-minute escape

What happens if your trip to Barcelona is a last-minute escape? And you haven’t had time to make plans? Or perhaps you’re here for a few days and you find yourself with a free afternoon and a special attraction you’re dying to see? Barcelona Guide Bureau has you covered with our Barcelona Daily Tours. Daily […]

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Barcelona’s Christmas Fairs

The city of Barcelona, with all its lights and decorations, is ready to celebrate Christmas 2019, and in order for your days to be merry and bright, the Christmas calendar is full of surprises: charming Christmas markets, lovely nativity scenes and Christmas rides for both children and adults. Get to know the Christmas Fairs of […]

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Original Gift Ideas for Three Kings’ Day 2019

One of the most important traditions takes place on Three Kings’ Day. Both children and adults wake up that morning, with the knowledge of receiving gifts from the Far East, or at least, that will be the case if they have been good all year… If you have run out of ideas, even if you […]

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Packing for Barcelona? Don’t forget these things on your holidays

Montserrat mountain It’s such a challenge to pack for trips. I always end up taking way too much, which means carrying a suitcase that’s far too heavy and then not even touching half of what I brought with me. Also airlines are pretty strict on excess baggage too, so that’s another reason not to overpack! […]

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Fabric Shops in Barcelona

Many people in Barcelona want to be as self-sufficient as possible at the moment, and they do this by making the most of their resources and by not giving in to compulsive consumer behaviour occurring in a capitalist society. One of the things people seem to have more and more trouble to participate in, is […]

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