Month: April 2019


Restaurants with Delicious Organic Food

Nowadays we are all very aware of eating well, not only consuming healthy products, but also to choose produce that is completely natural, without the use of any chemicals. This hype for eating natural food has led to big producers of organic products, and every supermarket has now added a small or larger section of […]

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The Best Playgrounds in Barcelona

Children love to play in parks with other children. They enjoy the swings and being outside, they can release some of their adrenaline. In any urban city, playgrounds are of vital importance for families, so that children can go outdoors and play. For this exact reason many parents choose to live in an area where […]

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Where to Find Affordable Housing in Barcelona

Living in a rental apartment has become a great quest for many people, especially because of high rental prices in big cities. Barcelona is the city where rental prices are among the highest, and many people are forced to go to areas far from the city centre, to be able to afford their own rental […]

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5 Most Underrated Attractions in Barcelona

The Insider’s Guide to Unique Attractions in Barcelona Are you planning on seeing the Sagrada Família when you’re visiting Barcelona? How about Park Güell, the Gothic Quarter, and Montserrat? These are all great attractions in Barcelona. I mean, there’s a reason so many of our tours go past here and other famous landmarks—they are significant […]

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Barcelona Your Way: quirky, exotic and exuberant

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Barcelona or you’re coming back for more of its gorgeous Mediterranean vibe, you want to make every moment count. Barcelona is quirky, exotic, exuberant, and effortlessly cool… a Gothic and Modernist phenomenon begging to be explored. What’s your passion? Art, architecture, shopping, food, music? Barcelona has it all—from Gaudí’s […]

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Why to choose a tour in Barcelona with BGB?

There are lots of ways to plan your Barcelona vacation. You could spend days reading guidebooks, checking travel reviews, and coordinating all your bookings, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get something close to your ideal trip. (Although if you go that route, you might spend as much time planning your trip as you will sightseeing […]

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