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Barcelona is a lovely place for everyone, but when you are young, it is one of the best possible cities to go to. Barcelona is the perfect combination of fun, culture, beaches, good food, lots of leisure options and excellent schools and universities. Spending a season in Barcelona can therefore be an excellent opportunity to add new experiences to your life and work on your development. That is why this article by ShBarcelona shares some of the best activities for young people in Barcelona.

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Discover what you can do in Barcelona when you are young

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When you are young, there are many different and interesting options worth exploring in Barcelona. For example, Barcelona’s recreational offer is excellent, and you can organise diverse activities for your group of friends. Besides this, you can visit many party venues, restaurants and bars in Barcelona, that will suit any budget. There are also many means of accommodation available in the Catalan capital. You can rent a room in a shared apartment in Barcelona, stay in tourist accommodation or a modern hostel for a short period of time, or visit the city while sleeping at an inn, where you will only pay a small fee. Barcelona is also very well connected by public transport, and travelling within the city is not expensive at all. The Catalan capital is genuinely the perfect destination if you want to have a good time, taste some famous Catalan dishes, which are part of a healthy Mediterranean diet, and combine it with your studies. Choose your career path and specialisations well, and you end up with more job opportunities. And don’t forget: you can also learn one of the most spoken languages in the world here!

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Spanish is the second most spoken language on our planet, if you take the number of people with Spanish as their native language into account. If you are a young foreigner who wants to explore the city of Barcelona, you can spend your time even better here, by also taking the bull by the horns and learning Spanish in Barcelona. The Spanish language can open many doors for you when the time comes for you to find a job. Studying Spanish in a place where it is spoken natively is a more effective and efficient way to learn it perfectly. There are prestigious universities and schools in Barcelona, where you can expand your knowledge of the Spanish language, and this is also the case with Sprachdirekt – Sprachreisen, a company that offers language courses in different countries. Learning Spanish in Barcelona will not only allow you to discover the language in depth, in the mean time you can immerse yourself in the Catalan and Spanish culture, in one of the most interesting cities in the country. Of course, you won’t be all alone, because school staff and host families are there to advise and care for you if anything happens or you have an emergency. All this will complement your experience of the Spanish culture and language, and, therefore, you will learn the language faster and better. The school uses innovative teaching materials and methods, always trying to make each lesson as fun and interesting as possible. All teachers and tutors are highly qualified, and they encourage each student to interact with and learn from their environment, within their level and abilities.

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