Advice on Renting Student Apartments in Barcelona


Barcelona is a city that is visited by many students from overseas. Renting student apartments in Barcelona is an option that many students choose for, and you will understand why after reading this article. So let’s start with giving you some advice on how to rent student accommodation in Barcelona. We are sure you will be happy with the tips given.

Many Erasmus, Master and MBA students select Barcelona for a part of their studies, because many of Spain’s prestigous universities are located in this city.

So now, how can you find good student housing in Barcelona? We will tell you everything you need to know, and we will also give you some practical tips for your stay in the city.

Apartments in the center of Barcelona

Where to find student apartments in Barcelona

In this day and age it’s a piece of cake to find an apartment. The only thing you need is Google, then enter “student apartment for rent”, and you will see an endless list of websites you can go through to find a suitable apartment.

Just be aware that not every result the search engine provides you with is the best. There is everything between real estate agents specialized in student accommodation in Barcelona and home owners that advertise on social media. So now the big question is: how can you identify a trustworthy party to rent with? After all, you want to be confident that you will find the right apartment for you, because you will be staying there for a couple of months.

student flat with yellow wall

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There are many types of student housing in Barcelona: a room with or without a private bathroom, a shared apartment, a room on campus or an apartment just for yourself. And each of these have their own rules and regulations to obey, with advantages and specific disadvantages as well. 

Student campuses and student residences are less and less in demand nowadays, and that is because strict schedules and rules or sharing a room with someone you have never met before can be less pleasant. 

And this is exactly why more and more apartments in Barcelona are available for students who come from every corner of the world.

Rent for a couple of months

Shared student rentals in Barcelona 

Many students opt for a shared apartment in Barcelona, and you know why? Well, because it’s not only the cheapest solution, but also the one with the most privacy and freedom.

Nevertheless, renting your own apartment for a specific number of months is still as popular as ever. You don’t have to share your space with anyone else, and this is the ideal option if you are already used to living alone and have the money to pay for this independence.

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student apartments in barcelona with yellow couch

Monthly rentals by ShBarcelona

Now let’s give you a few practical tips that may come in handy when renting an apartment for the length of your study and stay in Barcelona:

  • Timing: Most academic courses start in September or October in Barcelona. The months just before these is when there is a higher demand than during the rest of the year. If you are planning to rent an apartment in Barcelona, start looking before everyone else is!
  • Budget: Spend some time on investigating how much living in a city like Barcelona will cost. Once you know this, you can check your budget and select an apartment with all this information in the back of your mind.
  • Pictures: First impressions last, but don’t get carried away too much, because you will want your apartment to be functional as well, not just beautiful. Some real estate agency’s have video’s in their ads, and this will definitely help you get a better understanding of the interior of an apartment. Check out the example below:

  • Location and surroundings: This is a key element of your rental apartment, because monthly rentals tend to concentrate in the center of the city. This means you will always be close to public transport and the city’s universities and other popular sights.
  • Viewing the apartment: If you come from outside of Barcelona, it might be impossible to view an apartment before renting it. Luckily you can make reservations online with the real estate agency, so when you arrive in Barcelona, the only thing left to do is sign the contract and pick up your keys. That’s easy, right?
  • Emergency number: When you are in a city, and especially if it’s not your home town, having an emergency number is extremely important. It can help you with problems in the apartment if something is not working properly, but it can also answer some of your questions. ShBarcelona provides an extra service by assigning you your personal manager. Throughout your entire stay he or she will stay in contact with you to help you with anything you need.

lady in yellow shirt sitting in front of couch

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

  • Quality: Always check if the installations, furniture and other elements included in the apartment are in good condition. You should take your time for this, as it will affect your stay for the next few months. 
  • Conditions in the rental contract: Not many people like reading the small print, but PLEASE DO! And if you have any questions or have doubts on information in the contract, consult your real estate agent. You should understand everything you sign for. ShBarcelona’s real estate team specialises in offering flexible rental contracts, and therefore meet all your specific wishes and demands.

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Monthly rentals by ShBarcelona

Now that you know how and where to look for student apartments, let your Barcelona adventure begin! Keep all our advice where you can easily access it, and share it with others if you think it could be relevant for them as well. 

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Do you have other tips for students who want to rent an apartment in Barcelona?

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