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Barcelona is not only home to some of Europe’s best cuisine but to plenty of delicious international food as well, including the traditional tastes of Spain’s southern neighbor, Africa. From Moroccan to Ethiopian and everything in between, here are some of the best African food restaurants in Barcelona.

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África Bar & Restaurante Foni is a Barcelona bar and restaurant specializing in delicious African dishes. Their menu includes a wide variety of affordable dishes from Gambia and Senegal for very reasonable prices perfect for any budget. For just €5.50, you can try the traditional mafe, a dish made of your choice of rice or couscous with chicken in a delicious peanut, tomato, and onion sauce. For the same price, you can have the Thep Buyab consisting of rice with carrots, tomatoes, beans, and beef. With friendly service, authentic cooking, and an outstanding value for the money, África Bar & Restaurante Foni is one of the best choices for African food in the city.

Address: Carrer de l’Est, 9, 08001 Barcelona

Kasbah Restaurant

Kasbah Restaurant specializes in Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes. They’re well-known for their fantastic couscous and falafel dishes in the traditional Moroccan style. They offer reasonable prices and excellent service in an authentic Arabic atmosphere. With a central location close to the Parallel metro station, Kasbah is worth trying for anyone who loves traditional Moroccan food.

Address: Carrer de Vila i Vilà, 82, 08004 Barcelona

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Addis Abeba Restaurant

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Addis Abeba Restaurant is home to some of Barcelona’s best Ethiopian food. Their dishes are characterized by their long cooking time, rich flavors, and authentic taste. They offer more than just great African food, with a warm atmosphere that emphasizes their focus on eating as a way of sharing and community.

Their menu features authentic Ethiopian dishes such as Segawat, Dorowat, Aterkek, and Meser Kek, all served alongside a house salad and Injera, the traditional Ethiopian flatbread. With both vegetarian and vegan options, Addis Abeba is the type of restaurant that will please even the largest groups. Because it’s such a popular place, it’s recommended to reserve a table ahead of time, which can be done straight from their website.

Address: Carrer del Vallespir, 44, 08014 Barcelona

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