Barcelona renews its commitment with the environment 


Catalonia’s main city revalidates the Biosphere World Class Destination certificate, in compliance with the standards for sustainable and quality tourism.

Barcelona is, yet again, a ‘Biosphere’, tourist destination. Recently, Catalonia’s capital has revalidated the certification as a city Biosphere World Class Destination, which recognizes the advances in making tourism an environmentally and socially sustainable activity. Only 16 other cities in the world have this certification, which will be revised again in 2020. An ambitious strategy of territorialization commitment to inclusive tourism, starting in Les Corts district (where FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium is located) and the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate are some of the reasons why Barcelona has renewed this well deserved recognition.

The certificate as a Biosphere World Class Destination is the result of an audit conducted by the ITR Responsible Tourism Institute, approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council GSTC with criteria that responds to the “17 United Nations Sustainable Development ODS Goals”, which points to the Compliance by the city of the requirements needed to become a Biosphere city. 

Barcelona became the first urban destination to receive the Biosphere World Class Destination certification in June of the year 2011, which revalidated in the year 2014 and will keep until the year 2020.  

Barcelona Guide Bureau 

With the purpose of making Barcelona the best city to visit but also a much better city overall, Barcelona Guide Bureau is sensible to everything related with values and responsibility. In fact, it is the world’s first tour operator to reach the Biosphere Responsible Tourism Standards.  

Daily Tours with our guides

Daily Tours with our guides


The AVE high-speed train is the best option for our one-day trip to Figueres (140 miles from Barcelona) where both the Dalí’s Museum and the Girona Tour are located. It’s a fast, comfortable and ecofriendly option. If one chooses buses instead as a transportation method, low emission vehicles and hybrid taxis are a priority.  

AVE, fast train to Girona and Figueres

AVE, fast train to Girona and Figueres

Noise Pollution 

Quietness is a blessing in such a lively but rather noisy city like Barcelona. With the purpose of protecting neighbors from the disturbances of shouting (and to protect our guides health and voice) we provide a whisper radio-guide system for our group tours, so you won’t miss any of the interesting explanations we give during our tours.  

Visitors using the radio guide whisper

Visitors using the whisper radio-guide system


Last but not least, we don’t throw tons of paper to the bin because we recycle our brochures as an eco-friendly alternative. They are made of 100% recycled paper, as certified by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council-, and we also bring a bin to recycle plastic bottles and cans in the Daily Tours Bus. 

Recycling paper in the office

Recycling paper in the office