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Like soccer? Then the Mundial del Fútbol de Rusia this summer is definitely coming at the right time for you. Spaniards, and especially Barceloneses, love this deporte rey, or king sport as it’s called in these parts. It’s all about the most followed sport with the best teams in the world. But soccer isn’t just something you follow, it’s something you practice.  The sport tends to attract younger boys, although every day it has more of a following from young girls, dazzled by the triumphs of their favorite players. If you play soccer and have a team, you might be interested in imitating the players of the Mundial de Rusia in this new championship organized by a group of entrepreneurs, the Barcelona World Cup. ShBarcelona will tell you all about it – think you´ll sign up?

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The tournament

Photo via Flags BCN

The Barcelona World Cup is a tournament created to share a love for sports and build fellowship. This multicultural event is for those looking to spend the day with family and friends. The idea is to create a reproduction of the Mundial de Rusia on fútbol 7 with 32 teams representing national teams that participate in the most important international soccer championship, celebrated every four years. As an excuse to celebrate it this year, the organizers of Flags BCN, experts in organizing sports events and cementing values like tolerance and multiculturalism, have created a unique tournament in order for teams to feel as if they were playing in the world cup,  under the emblem of fair play. 

The organization

The tournament is completed within one day, set for July 1 2018, with activities starting at 10 a.m. and lasting until 6 p.m. Teams may be mixed and should be composed of 8 to 10 players. It will take place at the University of Barcelona soccer fields on Avenida Diagonal. In addition to the tournament, event helpers can enjoy various leisurely activities to take in the day fully. A fan zone, a penalty tournament, different games for small children and a painting workshop are some of the activities you can do while enjoying the mini world cup in La Ciudad Condal. Two foodtrucks will also be installed so you can grab a bite to eat during the event. The sponsors of the event are Casa de Rusia, a cultural association that promotes Russian culture in the city, and Celebreak, the organizer of international soccer tournaments that also provides an app for following results and watching the tournament on your cell phone.  

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The price of registration to participate in the tournament is 250 euros per team, and includes participating in the world cup of futbol 7 like one of the national teams and a welcome pack with access to the field, personalized jerseys with the name and colors of the country, accreditations and gifts. The registration teams include appointing an ambassador related to one of the national teams that are participating in the 2018 Mundial de Rusia, which will be contacted by the organization to register the team and reserve a country until June 10 2018. The organizers are Antoine (689683266) and Cristian (676940637). You can also register though the registration form.

Interested in this event? Eager to participate in a mini world cup in la Ciudad Condal? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!  

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