Barcelona’s Realism Tattoo Artists 2019


Getting a tattoo is quite common nowadays. Most of the time it shows a graphic representation of something that is important to you, whether that is a loved one, related to religion, one of life’s milestones or a word or sentence. It makes you unique and is part of your identity.

Sometimes though, tattoos are purely a reflection of many aesthetic details in a beautiful and well-designed picture, that really demonstrates the tattoo artist’s talent. Realistic tattoos fall into this category, and you can sometimes see extraordinary works of art on someone’s skin.

So today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you where the best realism tattoo artists in the Catalan capital are.

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Discover the best tattoo artists in Barcelona


happy lady with tattoo on her arm

Photo via Pixabay

At Logia’s they work with new tattoo trends from all over the world, and one of the most popular ones is hyperrealism.

A hyperrealistic tattoo looks almost more than real, and if you see one, you will be amazed. Even people that don’t like tattoos are captivated by them.

Some of the most common realistic tattoos are those that look like an opening in the body. It allows you to have a peek inside, to see what is under the skin.

The image you see depends on the exact place of the tattoo, but in general it is muscles and organs. So a tattoo on the back will show rib cage, a tattoo on the chest can show a heart and with a tattoo on someone’s arm you will be able to see muscles and ligaments.

Javi Granged

Javi Granged Mena is a tattoo artist from Barcelona and he has more than 20 years of experience. He specializes in realism, both in color and in black-and-white.

He can work with any desired tattoo style and with stunning results. As he is a perfectionist, he pays attention to every little detail, and this results in a great quality tattoo with clean lines. Visitors are also delighted with the attention they get from Javi while he is performing his tattoo art work.

Steel of Doom Tattoo

Steel of Doom is a project launched by Tony Atichati 4 years ago. Its sole objective is to truly capture an image and create that on someone’s skin.

The studio offers realism tattoos, and currently, there are different artists performing several tattoo styles, all in order to make the customer happy with a great variety of tattoo art.

Would you like a new tattoo? Steel of Doom offers realism tattoos, traditional tattoos, geometric tattoos, and pointillism tattoos… Whichever style you desire, contact them to start your new tattoo project.

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Barna Tattoo

tattoo artist preparing

Photo via Pixabay

If you want a tattoo by the best realism tattoo artists in the world, you can do so at Barna Tattoo in Barcelona, with Bruno Salata and Emanuel Riffo. They collaborate with Max Ghostar and his friend Yomico, as they visit the tattoo studio several times a year.

Make an appointment to check out your options, and don’t miss this chance to get a tattoo by one of these amazing and professional tattoo artists while you are staying in Barcelona.

Marcos Caballero

Marcos Caballero is a tattoo artist and owns his own studio, called Tattoo Studio Barcelona. He has 17 years of experience performing tattoo art, and he is the inventor of New Tattoo Art, under the registered and protected European trademark “Smoke ink ®”.

This new form of tattoo art consists of digitally creating smoke figures. The result is a unique and exclusive image, that will be impossible to copy. It can also be in the background of another tattoo, or to blend two tattoos together.

Marcos is not only a tattoo artist, but he is also an illustrator, graphic designer, interior and 3D designer, technical drafter and sculptor. His hands have held many pencils and paintbrushes, and he also uses temperas, acrylics, watercolors, oil, pastels and charcoals, airbrushes, paint sprays, chisels, and epoxy resins. This artist puts his heart and soul in everything he creates.

Do you have any realism tattoos? And have you visited one of these studios yet?