BEST Tapas in Barcelona! ? We visit 8 AMAZING tapas bars!

Want to eat Barcelona’s best tapas? come with me as we visit 8 of Barcelona’s best tapas bars. This is the perfect tapas tour for your visit to Barcelona!

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Here’s the thing… although Barcelona, Spain is famous for its food, it can actually be a really tough place to eat well. That’s because there are so many tourist trap tapas bars out there serving soulless, flavourless junk. And it can be really difficult to find the great places.

But fear not, having spent a lot of time in this city, I’ve finally narrowed down a list of 8 of the best tapas bars in the city. These places will not disappoint – great food, excellent wines and full of soul.

So, I hope you enjoy this tapas tour of Barcelona’s best tapas bars, which I did recently with two my colleagues from Devour Tours – my fellow Devour Tours co-founder Lauren Aloise (check out her Spanish food blog: and Devour’s marketing director Katie Stearns. Together we tackled 8 top tapas bars on what was an epic tapas tour and also a wine tour (we tried vermouth, white wine, red wine and even Spanish dessert wine). So, if you´re coming to Barcelona, check out this video so you don’t wind up stumbling into a tourist traps.

The bars we hit were:
1. Bodegas Maestrazgo
2. Bodega Puntual
3. El Chigre
4. La Viña del Señor
5. Bar del Pla
6. Bar Brutal
7. Bar La Plata
8. Bodega La Palma

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