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Renting an Apartment with Parking in Barcelona

Everyone goes to work in the morning, and sometimes you need your car for this. Other people need a car to do their groceries. Living in a city like Barcelona, it can be quite difficult to park your car somewhere. So if you are planning on moving to Barcelona, your best option is to find […]

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Where to Find Affordable Housing in Barcelona

Living in a rental apartment has become a great quest for many people, especially because of high rental prices in big cities. Barcelona is the city where rental prices are among the highest, and many people are forced to go to areas far from the city centre, to be able to afford their own rental […]

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Renting out a furnished or unfurnished apartment

From the moment you have an apartment you wish to rent out, the question arises: should I rent my apartment furnished or unfurnished? While you will obviously save money if you decide not to furnish before renting, you may end up losing money in the long run, since a furnished apartment is much more attractive and should […]

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