Barcelona Guide Bureau and Barcelona Experts. The show must go on…!!!

Dear friends and customers of Barcelona Guide Bureau (BGB), Our dear BGB, one of the beacons in the guiding business in Barcelona, filed for insolvency in 2021. It’s been a tough process, but finally last November some former BGB guides decided to rescue some of the assets and add up the BGB’s legacy to their […]

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Barcelona’s central libraries

With more than 200 libraries, including about 30 in the city centre, Barcelona has a good network of public institutions that provide access to education and culture. The latter offer several advantages because they are open on Sundays and some close late in the evening (1 am). You can walk around the shelves and reading […]

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Open-Air Film Festival 2019

Going to the cinema is an excellent entertainment option for spending some of your free time. A good film can be a piece of art by itself by sharing culture and knowledge of ourselves and our society. And then there is summer… the most longed-for time of the year, when you can enjoy long days […]

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The Best Playgrounds in Barcelona

Children love to play in parks with other children. They enjoy the swings and being outside, they can release some of their adrenaline. In any urban city, playgrounds are of vital importance for families, so that children can go outdoors and play. For this exact reason many parents choose to live in an area where […]

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Discover the April Fair in Barcelona

The Andalusian culture has strong roots in Catalonia, and in Barcelona in particular. Many Andalusians emigrated to Barcelona during the second half of the twentieth century, ​​which has caused both cultures to blend. Important events related to Andalusian folklore therefore continue to be organized in different parts of the Catalan autonomous community. One of these […]

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Where to Eat the Best Calçots in Barcelona

Calçots are one of the most well-known Catalan products of local gastronomy. This tender onion, roasted on a wood fire and eaten with a typical sauce, shows that simplicity is not incompatible with exquisiteness. While it is true, that eating calçots requires a certain skill and its ritual is somewhat crude, it is still authentic […]

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Chinese New Year 2019 in Barcelona

There is a large Chinese community in Barcelona, although many of the community go unnoticed. The truth is that their traditions and festivities have penetrated deeply into the local culture and some important festivals are celebrated in Barcelona, as they would be celebrated in their home country. Take the Chinese New Year, one of the […]

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Barcelona Pushes For Green Spaces

If you´re walking through the Eixample district, you´ll notice the holm oaks and lush plane trees planted along the road that distinguish Eixample as the neighborhood with the best green corridors in the city. Street trees form an important part of Barcelona’s natural heritage, and have been identified by city planners as a crucial contribution to […]

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