Best restaurants


Restaurants with Light and Fresh Summer Meals

Both in summer and winter you enjoy dining out, but the type of food you choose probably differs a lot. When it is hot you want to have fresh and light meals and usually a smaller portion. Gazpachos, cold creams, salads, fruit or natural juices… you tend to look for something with less fat, with […]

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Restaurants with Delicious Organic Food

Nowadays we are all very aware of eating well, not only consuming healthy products, but also to choose produce that is completely natural, without the use of any chemicals. This hype for eating natural food has led to big producers of organic products, and every supermarket has now added a small or larger section of […]

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Where To Go For Christmas Dinner in Barcelona

Christmas Day is a very special time for many people as it gives a reason to celebrate in and of itself. It is an occasion where family and friends are reunited and get to spend quality time together that they don’t normally experience during the rest of the year. Although the celebratory dinner is perhaps […]

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Best Restaurants in the El Clot Neighborhood

Barcelona is full of great restaurants serving up all types of food from traditional Spanish dishes to international cuisine. And each neighborhood of the city has its own unique set of local eateries that stand out from the rest. If you find yourself in the El Clot neighborhood of Barcelona, here are a few of […]

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Best restaurants to have calcots in Barcelona

Winter may be the coldest and least exciting season world over except in Catalonia because when winter comes, so do calcots! Calcots are essentially traditional green onions which in Catalonia are more than just onions. They are originally from Valls in Tarragona, which is located to the south of Barcelona. These vegetables are seasonal, often harvested […]

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Best restaurants by neighborhood

In Barcelona you can choose from tasty tapas, authentic Thai food, delicious sushi, spicy Indian, sophisticated French dishes and even enjoy the ultimate dining experience at Michelin star restaurants. So to help you choose where to go for your next meal, here are the best restaurants by neighborhood. Poblenou Xiringuito Escribà Photo by jlastras via […]

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Tasty seafood restaurants in Barceloneta

Barceloneta is one of the best neighborhoods in Barcelona to enjoy freshly-caught seafood due to its proximity to the sea and its plethora of seafood restaurants. It’s also a great place to stay in Barcelona to be near the coast, learn the culture, and see a different side of the city. Walking through the streets, […]

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Tapas in Raval

A multicultural neighborhood in the heart of the Ciutat Vella, Raval is one of the main areas of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and a lively area where there are numerous restaurants and bars. Do you like tapas? (not to be confused with pintxos!) ShBarcelona has selected the best bars in the area for “tapear”, as they […]

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