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How Does the Zona Verde Parking Zone in Barcelona Work?

Everyone knows it can be quite complicated to park your car in Barcelona. One of the solutions from Barcelona’s City Council is the O.R.A (Parking Ordinance). This means that you can park your car in the streets of Barcelona, without having to pay a high price for it, and the regulations also allow for cars […]

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Renting a Car in Barcelona

Many times, people end up needing a car for various responsibilities, such as driving to work, but many don’t want to end up paying for the maintenance it takes to have a car. Insurance, repairs and replacement of parts are just some of the costs to consider. However, a rental car saves you all these […]

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Trixi – A new way to see Barcelona

With so many sights to see in Barcelona, it is important that you find yourself the right kind of transport. There are plenty of ways to get around, but which is the best for you? If you just want to get somewhere quick then either the metro or a taxi would be most suitable. But what […]

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