For the first time the Sacristy of Montserrat is open to the public


If you want to enjoy the best adventure in Montserrat, you must depart from Plaça Catalunya where the friendly orange umbrellas team is waiting for you. The adventure starts heading towards the well-known Mountain, an hour away from the city of Barcelona. After touring curvilinear roads with the private bus to the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

You will be amazed by its unique mysticism and peace that will invade your whole body! But do you know what is the most secret and mysterious place?

It is not the mountain though that its abrupt shapes look threatening from kilometres away and this is why they have created many legends around it. From aliens to miracles and paranormal phenomena stories. In order to take the most of this amazing natural park and don’t get lost between the big offers of Montserrat. We recommend you to look for the best itinerary and the tour that allow you to access to these exclusive areas, like the Sacristy and the crypt, normally closed to the public. We explain you the top 5 places you can’t miss….

1. The Sacristy and The Black Madonna:

One of the most secret places of the Abbey is the Sacristy. You will be amazed by the incredible carved wooden cabinets, the paintings on the ceiling, the marbles of the tables and the traditional robes of the Monks ready for the most special Mass. The wine used for the Mass is also kept it at perfect temperature in this place. You must visit it because it doesn’t leave indifferent to anyone.

The image of the Lady of Montserrat, popularly known as La Moreneta (the Dark Virgin) because of her colour is also in the Abbey. It is a 12th-century Romanesque polychrome carving figure. La Moreneta has a baby Jesus on her arms and a ball on her hand. Don’t forget to touch the sacred ball!

The feast of the Black Madonna, Patron Saint of Catalonia, is celebrated on the 27th of April. Its celebrations include “castellers” (human towers), dances such sardanas (the traditional Catalan Dance) and Masses.

La Moreneta, the Black Madonna

La Moreneta, the Black Madonna

2. La Escolania “The Boy’s Choir” and the Monks:

Probably the most astonishing moment is when the prayers of the Vespres gather in the Basilica.

You will experience one of the most spiritual moments of your trip, with the prayer of the Vespres, sung by the monks and the Escolania, the Boys’ Choir in Montserrat. You will enjoy the magical atmosphere created and the marvellous acoustics in the interior of the Basilica.

The community of Monks are from the communities of the Miracle and Sant Miquel de Cuixà and the group is made up of a hundred monks who are governed according to the Rule of San Benedict (6th century).

The present community at Montserrat is made up of over seventy monks. They dedicate all their life to prayer and work for the mountain, the Monastery and the Sanctuary as the Saint Benedict’s motto, Ora et labora.

Escolania of Montserrat

Escolania of Montserrat

3. The crypt:

The crypt is another secret place you will enjoy just with this tour! In this small area are celebrated exclusive ceremonies. In its altar you will see the coffins covered of marble. Just impressive! The tombs are placed in two vaults opened in the wall; each has a Carrara marble gravestone engraved with details of the remains contained in the vault.

4. Audiovisual and the Museum:

Starting with an interesting audiovisual to get the most of the visit, you can have a break to taste the traditional fresh cheese (mató) to recuperate energy and continue with the visit. Along the way you will find food stalls of the local artisans with the best cheese and honey of the mountain.

Another necessary stop is the museum where there are antique paintings, works by Picasso, Dalí, El Greco, and many other collections including archeological pieces from the Ancient World to vanguard art and sculptures. Just continue with a guided visit to the Monastery and the Basilica.

A note:

Montserrat lost most of its heritage during the Napoleonic Wars. However, since the Monastery was restored in 1844, the museum has formed a valuable collection of artworks becaming an important museum in Europe.

How was it possible?

Private donations from the artists and the sensitivity of the monks have made this possible.

5. Funicular of Sant Joan Chapel:

This funicular offers a different and spectacular view of Montserrat, 1,000 m above sea level. From the top you will see also the Pyrenees.

At the station you can visit The Nature Centre where you will find information on the history of the mountain, its climate, flora and fauna.

Do you want to do all these things in just one tour? Follow us… J