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Daily life can weigh on us, making our bodies stressed or frail. Sometimes we require professional help to get the body to relax or improve its condition. But going out for a physiotherapy session sometimes discourages people from seeking treatment, due to reduced mobility or simply a lack of time. If this is your case, then keep reading this article, where you will find a variety of services that offer physiotherapy sessions at your own home.


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Fisioakasa is formed by a group of physiotherapists dedicated to improving the quality of life of people who need pain relief, people who are recovering from injuries, or people who are simply looking to relax. They offer a variety of physiotherapy services for those in rehabilitation, including massages, acupuncture, and osteopathy. All of their services are offered exclusively from home at very friendly rates. A 30-minute massage costs 30€, while a 60-minute one costs 40€.

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Solidaritatsl is made up of a team of multi-disciplinary professionals licensed to practice podology, physiotherapy, nursing and speech therapy. They offer physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments customized and adapted to the needs of their patients from the comfort of their homes. This service ideal for the elderly, those looking to recover healthy movement patterns, joint mobility or muscle strength. The price of a one-hour physiotherapy session is 24.90€, although they do raise their prices on weekends and holidays. They collaborate with some foundations and charities whose members are eligible for special discounts. To find out which, visit their official website.

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Masajes a Domicilio

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Masajes a Domicilio is comprised of a team of experienced professional masseurs who offer home massages in the province of Barcelona. They offer different massage services, like Thai, and Shiatsu, and also reflexology. A 60-minute session costs 50€ and a 90-minute session costs 70€. All massage therapies are charged at the same rate. Payment can be made in cash after the massage, via PayPal, or using a debit or credit card. They sometimes offer a free 30-minute massage trial so that the customers can decide if they like the quality of the service being offered.


Saludterapia is an interactive portal where professionals and clients in Spain can link up for health, natural medicine, and therapy services. They offer a professional search engine in Spain for health and wellness practitioners. Using this tool you can track down professional masseurs who offer home therapy services and contact them for appointments.

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