How Does the Zona Verde Parking Zone in Barcelona Work?


Everyone knows it can be quite complicated to park your car in Barcelona. One of the solutions from Barcelona’s City Council is the O.R.A (Parking Ordinance). This means that you can park your car in the streets of Barcelona, without having to pay a high price for it, and the regulations also allow for cars to switch places more often.

If you’re coming to Barcelona by car and staying in a tourist apartment, it is good to find out how the Zona Verde (or green zone) exactly works. So today, the team from ShBarcelona will explain the steps and instructions, in order to park your car in Barcelona’s Zona Verde Parking Zone.

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How the Zona Verde in Barcelona works

Unfortunately many people are unaware of how to pay at a parking meter in the Zona Verde, or how to obtain and then use their resident parking card. What is more worrying, is that many people don’t know the difference between the Zona Verde and Zona Azul, when it comes to parking your car in Barcelona.

And although it can be a bit confusing at first, with a little focus you will understand the difference perfectly. You will then be able to get your parking ticket or use your resident card and leave your car at an available parking spot in the green zone.

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The Zona Verde regulates car parking for those who are residents in the area, to the detriment of cars from non-residents.

Green zones can be found within regulated areas, and the objective is to allow traffic flow and avoid parking congestions, which make it difficult for residents in the area to park their car.

Authorized cars from residents can only be parked within their dedicated residential area, and when parking, they must be able to identify themselves by providing the required parking ticket. This ticket may last for a day, a week or a quarter of a year.

By displaying your ticket, your residential area and car registration number are shown, identifying your car as an authorised vehicle. Pay attention, because non-resident vehicles can also park in the Zona Verde. They need to get the appropriate (non-resident) ticket at one of the nearby parking meters. Maximum parking time for non-residents is, depending on the area you are staying in, 1 to 2 hours.

Regardless of whether you are a resident or non-resident, you can park your car for free outside of the Zona Verde timetable. This timetable runs from 08:00 to 20.00 from Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday, depending on what is indicated on the signpost in that area.

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Tariffs in the Zona Verde

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If you are a resident, tariffs can range between €0 and €0.20 a day.

If you are not a resident in Barcelona, tariffs are higher, and you can park with a maximum of 1 or 2 hours.

  • Mixed Zone A: €3/hour
  • Mixed Zone B: €2,75/hour

One of the things you should definitely bear in mind when getting your parking ticket at the parking meter, is to distinguish between resident area and Zona Verde.

Definition of a resident and non-resident

A resident is someone who is officially registered in one of the Área Verde residential areas, and he or she is either the owner of the car, or its regular driver.

After applying, Barcelona City Council provides you with a resident card, and you must insert this card into the parking meter in your area, in order to identify yourself. You can then take out the corresponding ticket. If you need more information about obtaining this card and the procedure, please visit Barcelona’s City Council website.

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To provide payment options and to save time paying for your parking spot, Barcelona City Council has created two different apps that are available for your mobile phone.

Smou lets you take care of paying for parking in both the Zona Verde and Zona Azul.

AreaDUM manages parking in loading and unloading areas.

What do you think of parking in Barcelona? Do you have any advice?