How to Make Moving to Barcelona Less Stressful


Moving to a new place can be a complicated matter, many people find it hard to even think about what needs to happen and in what order exactly.

And that is why today’s article by ShBarcelona would like to discuss how to find a new home and how to make the move as easy as possible.

With the advice mentioned below, you will discover that moving to Barcelona will not be as big of a headache as you imagined beforehand!

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Moving to Barcelona without too much stress

What is your housing budget?

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Trying to find a new home for 350 Euros per month, or doing the same with a budget of 1000 Euros, is, of course, completely different in approach. It is good to establish your budget before wasting time on checking housing options all over the city.

Knowing your monthly budget narrows your search area, and maybe you will opt for housing in Barcelona’s  cheapest districts.

Your housing budget will inextricably be linked to your financial situation. If you have a job, you should not spend more than 40% of your salary on rent.

If, however, you do not have a job yet, your monthly budget will depend on the size of your piggy bank. If you have saved enough, you can come to Barcelona and settle down first. The number of months you can do this is subject to the amount of savings you have.

Be ready to act swiftly – Barcelona’s demand and supply problem

In other words, make sure you are there when you need to be! Being early – or rather first – can make a big difference in Barcelona’s rental business. Make it your job to find out, before everyone else, what homes will become vacant soon.

You can do this by creating alerts on websites and in apps, used by agencies in Barcelona, like Idealista, Fotocasa, and Habitaclia.

It is good to know that some agencies are also very active on social media, so following a company’s feed can help you discover new apartments before they will be published officially on the internet.

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Ask for advice

Rental agreements between a property owner and tenant directly occur more often, although people’s experiences with real estate agency services are extremely positive.

Going to a real estate office is an excellent idea because you can explain what you are looking for, and they will do the house hunting for you, without you having to put in any extra time or effort.

ShBarcelona’s portfolio consists of the best apartments, for sale or for rent, and real estate professionals can also help you during the entire process, from start to finish, of buying an apartment.

Be on the safe side – always check legalities

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When you are going to rent a new home, it is of extreme importance to read the whole contract. If you have any doubts or questions, ask your real estate agency, for example, what certain clauses are for.

Besides basic details and the price (or whether or not it includes service fees), you should pay special attention to: who covers community maintenance costs within the building or its surrounding premises (the property owner or the tenant?), who arranges and pays for certain repairs, what is the minimum number of months in the rental contract, and how much notice should you give when leaving the apartment again.

Finally, it is time to move…

Moving, and even more so if it concerns a long-distance relocation, is not cheap! You pay for a moving company by volume, so before you start packing, make sure you are getting the most out of the truck’s space by selecting everything that is valuable to you or that you just need. Here are a few tips when moving:

  • First: clean up and throw away what you don’t need anymore
  • Entire drawers can be moved without putting its contents in boxes first
  • Paint your new home before you move your boxes into the apartment or start unpacking anything
  • Plan, organize and ask for help, so it doesn’t all depend on just you on the very last day

Do you have any advice on moving to Barcelona?