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Indian gastronomy has captivated both locals and foreigners alike with one of the most stimulating diets in the world. The exotic mix of flavors and textures have contributed to the opening of many Indian restaurants in big cities all over the world, and Barcelona is no exception. Like the cosmopolitan city that it is, Barcelona houses a number of restaurants offering this highly sought out cuisine, and some, of course, are better than others. In this article from ShBarcelona, we’ll be talking about the best Indian restaurants in the Ciudad Condal – come along with us!

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Indian food, lose yourself in aromas and flavors

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The Indian kitchen is tremendously rich, and has been fairly influenced by the colonizing countries that took part in India’s history. One of most notable characteristics of Indian food is the use of spices, that are added to practically all of their plates. The most commonly used ingredients in Indian food include rice, bread, vegetables and legumes. Another interesting thing about this type of gastronomy are the specific rituals when it comes time to eat. For example, it is common to eat the food seated directly on the floor and using your hands to eat everything, usually using your four fingers, minus your index finger, on your right hand. Over time people have begun to use eating utensils more frequently, including the spoon.

In Barcelona we find the restaurant SWAD, characterized by the Indian food prepared in-house. Punit Gupta is the owner and head chef of SWAD, located in the Poblenou district at Sancho de Ávila 167. You can enjoy their daily specials or their consistent menu items,  all of which are full of delicious aromas, flavors and textures that you transport you to other worlds. Our next restaurant suggestion for Indian food is Rasoi. Here, you also find dishes that are made completely in-house, that offer possibilities and adaptations for all tastes and preferences. All the dishes, in addition, are prepared in traditionally, creating a more authentic experience.

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This aspect is very important to be able to truly enjoy Indian gastronomy, since sometimes the use of spices and sauces is so overwhelming that few find a taste for it. It is helpful when these ingredients are enjoyable for all customers, including those that don’t have much experience with spicy food, so they can enjoy and appreciate their meal. Lastly, we’ll head over to Córcega 211 bis in the Ciudad Condal to visit Sindur, a reference for Indian cuisine in Barcelona. Since 2004, Sindur has been creating the perfect Indian food, locating the best chefs in Calcutta, importing the most authentic and glamorous furniture from the state of Rajastán and the kitchen utensils from the traditional kitchens of New Delhi. They have adapted the levels of spice to European palates in general and in Barcelona in particular, instructing all their personnel in a fashion that makes the service absolutely exquisite. The result? One of the best Indian restaurants in Barcelona.

Have you visited any of these restaurants? What did you think? Are there other Indian restaurants in Barcelona you would recommend?

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