Renters’ Insurance – 8 Things That Are Good to Know


Unfortunately, thefts and robberies take place everywhere in the world, so not only when you are at home or on holiday. Have you ever been robbed in the street or has something been stolen from your home? If so, you have discovered the importance of an insurance.

That is why today’s article will inform you about one of the most important insurances that exist: renters’ insurance. Because one way or another, knowing that you will get a refund for the items that have been taken from you is reassuring. 

But there is more than just bad news! According to data provided by the Ministerio del Interior, the number of offences have dropped with 24.8% in the first six months of 2020. More specifically: there were 31.4% less robberies involving violence or intimidation, 31.1% less burglaries and 44.7% less thefts.

A large part of these lower percentages, however, were linked to the quarantine period as a result of the global pandemic.

And although the numbers are less negative than before, thefts and robberies still occur in large cities. That is why it is important to be well-prepared, and to know what to expect when you rent an apartment in Barcelona.

In this article we will tell you more on what ShBarcelona’s renters insurance covers, what the costs of this insurance are, and what is needed to take out renters’ insurance.

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My home was broken into. What does my tenant rental insurance cover?

Sometimes we forget about taking out insurance for our rental property, also because we don’t expect it to cover 100% of the items inside our apartment.

Renters’ insurance serves this purpose specifically, as it covers the contents of the rental property for tenants. This type of insurance is specially designed to cover the following 8 situations for tenants:

1. Theft or robbery

If your home is been broken into despite all the precautions you have taken, the following items are covered by the tenant insurance:

  • Personal items – up to a maximum value of 10,000 euros
  • Up to 150 euros in cash (not kept in a safe)
  • Jewellery (optional)

In addition to this it is good to know that, when you have been robbed outside your home, the tenant rental insurance covers up to 1,500 euros in stolen items and up to 100 euros in cash.

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2. Lock replacement 

If your home has been broken into and your door has been forced, renters’ insurance will cover for replacement of the lock at no extra charge.

The tenant rental insurance also covers the loss or theft of your house keys. Not bad, right?

3. 24/7 Locksmith

Have you ever needed a locksmith in the middel of the night? Then you probably know that this service does not come cheap. And that is why you should know that your home insurance covers this when there has been a robbery. In case of an emergency a locksmith is available 24/7.

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4. Damages inside the apartment

Although no one plans to cause any damages inside a rental apartment, accidents do happen every now and then. And these accidents usually come at an extra cost.

The following damages in an apartment are covered by your renters’ insurance:

  • mirrors and windows
  • worktops and ceramic cooktops
  • toilet/bathroom

5. Fire damages

Are you aware that most house fires are caused by carelessness? Main reasons for fires are:

  • electrical appliances
  • not fully extinguished cigarettes or cigars
  • candles placed in a draught
  • pans that catch fire
  • low/no maintenance on heater or fireplace

Whatever the cause of a house fire, fortunately you are covered by a tenant insurance.

6. Water damages

Water pipes often run through several rooms inside an apartment, and unfortunately pipe leakages occur more often than you might think. This is partly due to the many lovely, but old buildings in Barcelona, where water piping has not been renewed. So make sure the pipes and system are serviced regularly, and don’t forget to pay your plumber!

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7. Breakdowns due to electronic equipment

If there are problems with electronic equipment in your apartment, the renters’ house insurance will cover up to 3 hours of labour and travel time costs for the repairer.

8. Civil liability

Many people tend to forget about civil liability insurance when moving abroad, but it is actually one of the most important aspects.

The fact that renters’ insurance also covers liability means that any damage done to third parties is covered. ShBarcelona’s insurance covers liability up to a maximum of 150,000 euros.

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How much does renters’ insurance cost?

The price of the tenants insurance depends on the length of your stay. It is only logic that you won’t pay the same price for only 3 months as you would for a whole year in Barcelona. See the overview below:

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Price according to length of stay

Take out renters’ house insurance 

Now that you have read this article on what the insurance truly covers, don’t you think it would be wise to take out this insurance?

You had better be well-prepared and have a back-up plan, in case anything bad happens. Fortunately, this rental property insurance covers tenant damages, so you can stop worrying about what the financial consequences will be in the event of an accident inside our outside your rental home or after your apartment has been broken into.

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Would you like to know more about this insurance or take out the insurance now? Contact our experts at the insurance department.

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