Renting a Duplex Apartment in Barcelona


A duplex apartment is a type of apartment that is usually in high demand in Barcelona. This apartment is versatile, has a certain style and has other characteristic features that attract future tenants.

Duplexes are ideal for families and couples who plan on starting a family soon. Due to stairs, which are common in a duplex apartment, it is not always the best living option for older people.

So today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about duplex apartment rentals: what types there are and where you can find them.

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The basics on Barcelona’s duplex apartments

Duplex studio apartments

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There are several different types of duplex apartments in the city. Some of them are small studios with limited square meters, distributed over two floors and ideal for single people and couples.

You will find this type of property usually in lower buildings with very high ceilings, making it easy to build an extra floor inside, gaining a few extra square meters. Floor plans may vary, but it is common for the ground floor to have a living room, kitchen, toilet and, sometimes, a small patio.

The upper floor consists of an open space with a separate bathroom. You will be able to find this type of property in any district in the city, but you will be more likely to find it in Barceloneta, Vila de Gràcia, Sants and Sarrià.

Prices vary depending on the quality of the finishes, the number of square meters, if there is a patio or terrace, and the area in which it is located.

Ground floor duplexes

You can also opt for a ground floor duplex, which is similar to the previous duplex but much larger. Most of the time old buildings have been remodelled into housing units. Some of them, just like the duplex studio, may not have an occupancy license, but others do.

This type of property has a similar floor plan, with a living room, kitchen, toilet and terrace on the ground floor. Most of the time, however, the upper floor has much more space. This means rooms can be separated, like bedrooms, a bathroom, and sometimes even an en suite bathroom or separate guest room.

These apartments are usually located in areas similar to the previous ones, but you can also find them in Poblenou, parts of Gracia, some areas in Eixample and some parts of the district of Sants-Montjuïc.

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Duplex apartments in a mixed building

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There are also buildings that have duplex apartments combined with regular (one floor) apartments. These are usually large, spacious housing units, with a separated day and night zone on two different levels. The living area, dining room, kitchen and toilet are on one floor, and bedrooms and bathrooms are on the next floor.

This type of building can often be found in more residential parts of the city, but also in areas with an industrial past, such as some areas in Horta-Guinardó, Zona Franca or a few neighbourhoods in the district of Nou Barris.

Duplex penthouse

Finally, the last type of duplex – and perhaps the most distinguished type that is most in demand – is the duplex penthouse.

This type of apartment can be found on the top two floors of a building, and they usually come with a terrace, sometimes even with two or more terraces. These apartments have plenty of square metres and they enjoy a lot of natural daylight.

You can find a duplex penthouse in every district in Barcelona, but the location itself and the presence of an elevator will ultimately determine the property price. Most of the time these apartments are quite expensive though. Surf in Barceloneta Beach.

Do you live in a duplex apartment? What do you like most about it?