Restaurants with Light and Fresh Summer Meals


Both in summer and winter you enjoy dining out, but the type of food you choose probably differs a lot. When it is hot you want to have fresh and light meals and usually a smaller portion. Gazpachos, cold creams, salads, fruit or natural juices… you tend to look for something with less fat, with fewer calories and that can be eaten cold. That’s why they say summer is ideal for starting a diet, and they are absolutely not wrong by claiming this. If you are looking for restaurants that have more natural and light dishes on their menu, do not miss this article by ShBarcelona with recommendations for restaurants with light and fresh summer meals.

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Enjoy the best light and fresh meals during the hottest months

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This summer, choose restaurants that offer fresh and natural products, products that come from organic farming, with seasonal and local ingredients and cooked with less fat. It is so much healthier. There are many restaurants with healthy, organic food in Barcelona, but today, this article by ShBarcelona recommends a couple of restaurants, that you may find very interesting. The first one is restaurant Gat Blau, located at Carrer de Comte Borrell 122 in Barcelona. The cuisine at Gat Blau is sustainable and healthy, with seasonal, organic and fair trade ingredients from close by. You can see dishes on the menu like: a carrot, peanut, orange and fresh herb salad, a bean hummus with turnip and black garlic and a rice dish with fresh cuttlefish ‘all i oli’. Everything is delicious and truly fantastic, so this restaurant is an excellent option for lunch or dinner in Barcelona this summer. We can also recommend restaurant Gut, on Carrer de Perill 13, in the heart of Vila de Gracia. They offer lunch menus, group menus and a small a la carte menu with amazing food. When you go to a restaurant, the main thing is of course to eat well, but sometimes you would also like to discover something new: new flavours, new textures, new sensations… This brings joy to your taste buds and Gut meets – or even exceeds – these expectations.

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At restaurant Gut you can opt for a salad with cod, orange, beans, nori and olives or Thai mussels with potatoes ‘deluxe’, a vegetable wok dish, Mediterranean style burritos,  roasted eggplant hummus with pesto, grilled salmon with a cold quinoa tabbouleh and citrus dressing, a tartare from wild corvina with mango and avocado or a yuzu sorbet. Our last recommendation, and yes, this will probably make you laugh, is restaurant NoNoNo! It is located at Passatge de Lluis Pellicer 12. They serve both exquisite and healthy dishes from local produce and offer excellent service in a quiet setting. Quality is quite superior and certainly above average, and desserts are really delicious. Without any doubt these are excellent restaurants to have a light and fresh meal during your summer in Barcelona.

What restaurant in Barcelona would you recommend for summer?

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