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Humans are runners. From the Kalahari desert tribes, who go hunting on foot, running for 6 hours straight, to the city-dwellers of Europe making haste to catch their morning commute or having a jog to relax their minds. Barcelonians are no exception to this and here is a rundown of the running groups in Barcelona.


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As the name suggests, this company takes running seriously. They have a wide variety of groups, for beginners and advanced levels and, if you ever feel that you need a change of pace, they also offer swimming and cycling classes, whose groups also gather weekly. They have specialized training for triathlon athletes and also the option for a customized training regime offered by one of the professional coaches. Although their webpage is in Spanish, it is easy to contact them through their website or facebook page.

Nike Run Club

This is a worldwide network of city runners, who treat the city as a training ground and the road as a treadmill. Their running groups try to find the most interesting routes in cities to compete, explore and, of course, run. For a person who recently moved to Barcelona, this community of runners might be the best, due to regular meet-ups and seeing the city in faster velocity. The athletes who work with have also made some running and fitness guides for you to follow and achieve your goals!

You can find info about the Nike Run Club running groups here or through their app.

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Metropolitan Running Club

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This highly regarded fitness and lifestyle brand will also give you a very sophisticated running experience, including helpful articles and Spotify playlists for running. They also have spas & fitness centres where you can relax after a good running session. By signing up to one of their luxurious fitness centers you get access to various training programs.

The Metropolitan Running Club has designed various routes for all levels. In their easy-to-use web page you can choose your area and then one of the routes for your next run. All of them are made keeping the safety and level of the runner in mind.

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Casual Runners of Barcelona

If you feel that blisters on toes and chronic muscle pain are not something you want to experience just yet, then you can join the Casual Runners of Barcelona. They meet regularly and in different places, taking into consideration the level of runners and forming different groups to keep the pace manageable for all. There is no better way to create some healthy new habits and make good friends.

If your legs are getting restless then it means its time to go for a run and explore Barcelona!

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