Safest Neighbourhoods in Barcelona


We all want to live in peaceful and safe place. This is an extremely valuable asset, and it influences people’s quality of life and them feeling happy.

Generally speaking, Barcelona is a safe city, although every large city has its weaker points where safety can be an issue.

Anyway, today this article by ShBarcelona would like to share some of the safest neighbourhoods in the Catalan capital with you.

If you are planning to stay in Barcelona, for just a holiday or for a couple of years, take advantage of this information.

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The most peaceful neighbourhoods in Barcelona


Street in Les Corts

Photo by heraldeixample via Visualhunt

Sarrià is one of the most peaceful and safest neighbourhoods in the Catalan capital. It is in the upper part of the city, near the Rondas.

The neighbourhood of Sarrià is a residential area, but its central and oldest part consists of characteristic, narrow streets. These streets are mostly pedestrian and full of shops, like clothing stores, grocery stores, restaurants and cafes.

Sarrià is an upper-middle-class neighbourhood, and prices here quite high. There is a good network of buses, and it connects Sarrià with other districts in Barcelona.

The area also enjoys several FCG stops, and this is a railway network that is similar to the metro. It connects certain areas within Barcelona with the city centre and other Catalan towns.

The neighbourhood of Sarrià is quiet, although it can be busier during the day because of its commercial offer. As Sarrià is farther from the centre of the city and real estate prices are quite high, the neighbourhood is very family-oriented. This is also the area with a high per capita income.

Les Corts

The neighbourhood of Les Corts is a commercial area during the day, but very quiet at night. It is near the Avenida Diagonal, which is one of Barcelona’s entry and exit roads.

There are many shopping options in this neighbourhood, like shopping centre l’Illa Diagonal and chain store El Corte Inglés.

Les Corts is a wealthy, upper-middle-class zone. It houses the Zona Universitaria de la Ciudad Condal, which is Barcelona’s university area with most of the faculties of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC).

There are also many companies here, so many people travel to Les Corts for their work during the day, do their thing and then leave in the evening. This makes Les Corts a haven of peace.

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Pont de Vallcarca

Photo by Jordi Domènech i Arnau via Visualhunt

The neighbourhood of Vallcarca is one of the least-known neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

It is in the upper part of the city, and it is part of the district of Gracia. Located between the districts of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Horta-Guinardó, Vallcarca borders the neighbourhoods of El Putxet and La Teixonera.

It is mainly a residential area, it is very peaceful, and there are few commercial zones, except for Calle República Argentina. This street is actually on the border of Vallcarca and El Putxet.

Vallcarca is an upper-middle-class neighbourhood, and you can find old residential buildings here, but also more recently constructed homes. Some of them even are luxury homes.

The area is well-connected by public transport, with several metro and bus stop, connecting Vallcarca to other parts of the city, including the city centre.

Besides the previously mentioned characteristics, there are several green zones near Vallcarca, and especially people who long to live in a quiet part of the city, but who still want to be able to travel to the centre quickly, appreciate the proximity of these green zones.

*Main photo by Andrman via Visualhunt

Is there another safe neighbourhood in Barcelona you can recommend?