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Monuments of Barcelona

When and how are the monuments of Barcelona going to open after the Coronavirus Lockdown? We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! If everything goes on like this in the month of July, our country will finally come out of the State of Alarm and we will make the last efforts […]

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6 Roman Heritage Spots in Barcelona Which Will Inspire to Write a Novel

Blog by Dorian Martin. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and exciting European cities. One minute you’re standing in the busy and urban La Rambla, and the other you’re looking at an old  Roman cemetery that dates back to ancient times. It’s amazing how versatile, mysterious, and unique the streets of Barcelona are. And, […]

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Face your working holiday in Barcelona with these tips

Report by Lucy Peters. As a cultural hotspot in Europe, Barcelona is a traveler’s dream and a hotspot for those looking to gain work experience. The balmy weather and relatively low cost of living compared with other big cities make it a popular choice among those looking to fill a gap year. A minimum wage of […]

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The Insider’s Guide to Barcelona’s Park Güell

Find out what a dragon and a school have in common in Barcelona… Ah, Barcelona! Home of Gaudí, the Sagrada Família, and Camp Nou; Barcelona is famous for many reasons.  No trip to Barcelona would be complete without seeing the incredible works of Gaudí, and Park Güell is one of the best examples of the […]

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5 Curious things you didn’t know about La Pedrera – Casa Milà

Blog by Sumit Manwani. La Pedrera – Casa Milà was built by Antoni Gaudí for the Milà family and finished in 1911. Its sculptured form has made it a reference piece in the past and nowadays. It is impossible to pass through Passeig de Gràcia without noticing this outstanding masterpiece. Getting more into detail with […]

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More Than a Club: The Complex Relationship Between Barça and the Catalan City

Iniesta during a match of La Liga at the Camp Nou. Image credit: Post written for by Georgina White Catalonia is home to FC Barcelona, one of the most popular football clubs in the world, located in one of the most historically rich cities in the world. Barcelona is full to the brim with historical […]

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Where to Find Inspiration for Your Artistry in Barcelona

Report by Lucy Peters. Brushstrokes of Barcelona: Where to Find Inspiration for Your Artistry Barcelona is a city enriched with culture and beauty. When touring the city, every corner is marked with history. Many look towards this city to spark creativity; artist such as Picasso and Dalí have looked to the city for inspiration. Depending on […]

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Do It All in Barcelona from discovering the Catalan culture to its art

Barcelona engages all your senses. The swirling skirts of flamenco dancers, endless stalls of bright-colored produce at Barcelona’s mercats, and the twirling spires of the Sagrada Família are a feast for the eyes. The tempting aroma of tapas tickles your nose while the cool Mediterranean breezes dance on your skin. And all around you is […]

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