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Warm terraces for a cool and cold winter in Barna

Enjoy the Winter sun at a terrace in Barcelona Hi there again! If I should tell my favorite period of the year in my home city, I am sure I’d say when the winter is starting towards the end of the year in Barcelona. When I lived abroad for a while, I couldn’t avoid thinking […]

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Top 7 Barcelona Monuments in Summer by Night

Barcelona might be undeniably hot in Summer, and, like in almost every warm place in the world, life turns more active towards the evening: we selected what we considered the upcoming top 7 Summer Night plans in Barcelona’s Monuments. Take your best cocktail clothes, charge your camera and cheers!  Maybe every night, perhaps once a week, […]

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My favourite food in Barcelona for each month of the year

Barcelona has a different atmosphere for each season of the year, not only the weather changes, but also what we like to eat. What doesn’t change is that every meal is taken quite seriously, it is the best moment of the day, around a table with your family and friends and, if you’re lucky and […]

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Traditions with the beginning of the year: from the ‘Man of the noses’ to the ‘Three Kings’

Celebration of New Year in Barcelona A great way to enjoy even more your stay in Barcelona (if you visit the city during the first days of the year) is to know some curious traditions. Legends and myths that involve from The Three Kings or Three Wise Men of Bethlem to eating grapes at Midnight […]

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