Living in Barcelona


3 Reasons to Come to Barcelona for Your MBA in 2021

As the year is almost at its end, we also look forward to the new year and all the plans we have, like coming to Barcelona to study an MBA. The city has been welcoming both national and international students, so you will have no problem adapting. Would you like to live in a more […]

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Staying Inside? Prepare Everything to Binge Watch a Series at Home

We already love to binge watch a series on television, and due to Covid-19 we spend even more time inside the house. Even though Barcelona enjoys many sun hours throughout the year, temperatures still drop in autumn and winter, and that’s when we feel more comfortable in a warm home. If you want to know […]

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Does it ever Snow in Barcelona?

Barcelona can be characterised by its warm, Mediterranean climate. It has hot summers and mild winters, but despite this traditional climate, climate change is taking care of other, not so common weather in winter. It is not that strange anymore to have a little snow in the Catalan capital during the coldest months of the […]

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Need Basic Information on Barcelona? Call 010

When we visit a place or move to a new city, we can often feel overwhelmed by the many rules and procedures we need to follow. Most of the times, we have more questions than answers… As the city of Barcelona became aware of this problem, it wanted to create something to make basic information […]

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Best Areas in the City for Living Peacefully

The city of Barcelona is a very diverse city, with many different areas. Depending on the neighbourhood you choose, you will find all kinds of services, as for instance in l’Eixample. You can also opt for quieter zones within the city, where you can enjoy parks and gardens. If you would rather live in a […]

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Decorating Your House For Christmas

Decoration is the footprint of the home that makes it unique, that shows your personality and tastes, something very personal that demonstrates what you like to surround yourself with and your way of life. Just as you would dress up nicely for important and special events such as weddings, baptisms or New Year’s Eve, it’s […]

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Choosing a Bank in Barcelona

One of the most important things to keep in mind when moving to a new city is finding a bank where you can complete all the important administrative procedures that are required for living there. When you find a bank, make sure meets all your needs before you decide to deposit your money there. In […]

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Low Cost Dresses For Brides

Getting married can be a fairy tale or a nightmare; it depends on many factors, including how much it costs. It seems that a pompous wedding is more expensive and how much money invested in it represents more love between the couple. Big mistake. Nowadays couples who get married do not want to spend a […]

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