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Spain is known for its fashion and well-dressed citizens, so it comes as no surprise that everywhere you look in Barcelona you will find great shopping. While as fun as shopping and the thrill of going on a shopping spree are, it can sometimes be a nightmare for women who are tall or curvy to find clothes that not only fit  but are in style as well. However, there are some stores in Barcelona that will have you leaving comfortable, beautiful, and feeling like a supermodel.

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Photo by: bondidwhat via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by bondidwhat via Visualhunt

Mango is a store that is frequented by women all over Spain, but if you’re looking for longer or bigger clothes you are usually out of luck. Mango has a new sister store called Violeta that is the solution to just this problem. Violeta caters to women who love the style of Mango but are also looking for clothing that flatters their curves or better fits their long limbs. Violeta is popping up in more shopping centers across Barcelona but the biggest selection can be found at Portal del Àngel, one of the best shopping spots in the city center. This is a great area to stay in during your holidays in Barcelona since you are right in the middle of the action. Violeta is moderately priced so you won’t have to splurge to find something not only that fits but makes you look and feel your best.


H&M is known globally for being a company that makes style affordable for the masses since the majority of their clothing can be bought at relatively reasonable prices. H&M‘s sizes tend to run a little bit bigger than some other stores and you can also find long-length pants and tops that run up to size XL. Lesser-known in Spain than in some other countries, however, is that H&M has its own line of plus-size clothing that makes shopping super chic and affordable. While it can be difficult to find plus-size items in stores in Barcelona, you can shop online to check out all of the latest trends and fashions and have them shipped directly to your home.

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Photo by: wwwuppertal via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

Photo by wwwuppertal via VisualHunt

Primark is a store that has come to Spain in recent years from the UK and has quickly taken the affordable fashion world by storm. Primark is even cheaper than H&M and has more flexibility in sizes than most Spanish stores. You can easily find larger sizes since tops usually run up to XXL and pants up to size 52. Finding something that fits curves is quite easy, except their tops tend to run a bit short so this could be a problem if you are taller. Primark has two locations in Barcelona, at L’illa and Diagonal Mar shopping centers. The area that surrounds L’illa is classy and chic with lots of shopping, making it the fashionista‘s ideal place to rent in Barcelona.


C&A is another option that is very affordable and makes shopping for larger sizes quite easy. C&A‘s sizes tend to run a little bit bigger in comparison with other Spanish stores, giving you a little bit of extra room for your curves. In addition, C&A also has a plus-size section where you can browse a variety of sizes that best suits what you’re looking for. Especially during rebajas, you can leave C&A with a bag full of new clothes and barely a dent in your wallet. You can find a store in most shopping centers in Barcelona as well as a large location right around the corner from Plaça Catalunya.

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