Day: December 29, 2017


Mattress Stores in Barcelona

Do you find you’re losing sleep? Maybe work is getting you down or you’re feeling a bit stressed in your life. Whatever the reason, its better to be tossing and turning on a brand new mattress rather than an old, worn out one. As an apartment rental company, ShBarcelona knows a thing or two about the importance […]

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Reiki Sessions in Eixample

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice to reduce stress and grow calming energy. A specialist in the practice can restructure the balance of energy in the body to even it all out. The thought is that energy flows inside us just like our blood, and when the energy levels are unbalanced, we can even them […]

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The First Tesla Store in Spain

In the era of environmentalism, Europe has been taking the lead in new forms of transportation without the use of gasoline. People still need their own cars, but they have become an expensive commodity to own and handle. Many European automakers have turned to electric vehicles, and the American-based Tesla has jumped in to sell their […]

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