Month: October 2018


Preparing Your Apartment For Rental

Some people possess empty apartments or homes, perhaps in their possession due to inheritance, and are not quite sure what to do with them. Usually, the first thing people consider is how to make a profit off of it, by either selling or renting it out. Right now the real estate market is in full […]

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Indian Restaurants in Barcelona

Indian gastronomy has captivated both locals and foreigners alike with one of the most stimulating diets in the world. The exotic mix of flavors and textures have contributed to the opening of many Indian restaurants in big cities all over the world, and Barcelona is no exception. Like the cosmopolitan city that it is, Barcelona […]

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Renting a Car in Barcelona

Many times, people end up needing a car for various responsibilities, such as driving to work, but many don’t want to end up paying for the maintenance it takes to have a car. Insurance, repairs and replacement of parts are just some of the costs to consider. However, a rental car saves you all these […]

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Your perfect guide for Day Trips in Barcelona

Tourist in Barcelona I think we can agree that Barcelona is an astonishing city. The architecture, the food, the events—it wouldn’t be hard to spend months in Barcelona without doing the same thing twice. But if you’re here for more days, or for your second (third, fourth…) visit, there’s a big chance that you’re interested […]

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The best kept secret in history – The House of Silk

The emperor and his wife with the worms Report by: Eva Barajas Are you ready to discover the best kept secret in history with us? Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, entrusted his wife, Lady Xi Lingshi, with the task of discovering why the mulberry leaves in her garden disappeared mysteriously until […]

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Why Barcelona Deserves a Visit Longer Than 3 Days?

Tourists queuing in front of Casa Batllo Barcelona is an excellent destination for a city break. There are millions of visitors who plan a getaway to the city. But for some reason, most of these tourists only plan a 3-day trip and not much longer. And that’s unfair for both the city and themselves because there’s so […]

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