Month: January 2019


The Festival of Saint Eulalia

Barcelona has a patron, Santa Eulalia or Saint Eulalia, and logically, there is a festival every year to celebrate her. The festival of Saint Eulalia, also known as Laia, is celebrated annually on February 12th. Today, ShBarcelona will talk about the Saint Eulalia festival and the activities that are usually held to commemorate this date, which are […]

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Barcelona Fashion Week

Many big events take place in Barcelona, but until recently, a really big fashion event was not one of them. What is certain is that in recent years, Barcelona has put its energy in everything related to creativity, and fashion is one of the disciplines that requires this feature. Barcelona Fashion Week is the most […]

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Chinese New Year 2019 in Barcelona

There is a large Chinese community in Barcelona, although many of the community go unnoticed. The truth is that their traditions and festivities have penetrated deeply into the local culture and some important festivals are celebrated in Barcelona, as they would be celebrated in their home country. Take the Chinese New Year, one of the […]

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How to get to Montserrat and get the most of your trip

Sunset in Montserrat mountain The Montserrat day trip can be as short or as long as you like, and you can combine it with other sites near Barcelona. There are so many options it’s sometimes difficult to choose, this is why you should take a moment to consider: with who are you traveling? How much […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Touring Barcelona

Barcelona 101: Why, When, and Where? I recently talked to someone who’s traveling to Barcelona soon, and they mentioned how overwhelming it has been to plan their trip. While they know which attractions they want to see most—finding information about tickets and guided tours has been a time-consuming task for them. I helped them out, […]

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Your Guide To Antoni Gaudí’s Barcelona

Gaudí was devout believer Antoni Gaudí 101: Who, What, Where? Antoni Gaudí is one of the world’s most famous architects, and most of his work is found here in Barcelona. His work doesn’t only attract architecture lovers but is a must-see for many travelers to Barcelona. To help you discover his Barcelona, here’s our Antoni Gaudí […]

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Do you know which is the perfect present?

Christmas market in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona. We’re right now during the Christmas holiday in Spain. Yes, you listened well because for us the time of gifts is not over yet. For others countries, everything finishes on 25th December because during the night of December 24th, Santa Claus brings gifts to children as the […]

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