Month: May 2019


Restaurants with Light and Fresh Summer Meals

Both in summer and winter you enjoy dining out, but the type of food you choose probably differs a lot. When it is hot you want to have fresh and light meals and usually a smaller portion. Gazpachos, cold creams, salads, fruit or natural juices… you tend to look for something with less fat, with […]

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Preparing Your House for Summer

Summer is a perfect time for changing habits and your energy is also much different, and this reflects both on the inside and out. You feel more alive, days are usually more sunny, and you want to open all your windows and spend time outside. If you have a terrace, then consider yourself lucky, because […]

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It’s Almost Summer in Barcelona!

Summer is almost here, and that can mean a lot of things. Maybe you are reading this article already having planned to spend a couple of days in Barcelona. Or you live in Barcelona and will not leave the city during the summer… do not worry in any way, because Barcelona has a lot to […]

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Dining Outside on a Terrace in Barcelona

Going out for dinner in Barcelona is truly amazing, but there are so many good places to choose from, that it will be hard for you to decide. You can count on the variety and quality of restaurants in Barcelona, but this is not the only good aspect about restaurants in the Catalan capital. Barcelona’s […]

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Celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi in Barcelona

The feast of Corpus Christi is a Christian celebration that takes place two months after Maundy Thursday, on the eleventh day after Pentecost. It is celebrated in Barcelona in a very peculiar way, and it is one of the most historic festivities in Barcelona. Today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about the […]

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Open-Air Film Festival 2019

Going to the cinema is an excellent entertainment option for spending some of your free time. A good film can be a piece of art by itself by sharing culture and knowledge of ourselves and our society. And then there is summer… the most longed-for time of the year, when you can enjoy long days […]

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Must-Visit Haunted Spots in Barcelona

Blog by: Lucy Peters. Barcelona has always been a tourist hotspot with more than 32 million people visiting the Spanish city every year. The city is filled with renowned tourist attractions such as the La Rambla Boulevard, the Picasso Museum, and the Gothic Quarter that, together with countless superb foodie destinations, making it one of the […]

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Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In Barcelona

Blog by: Lucy Peters. Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In Barcelona If you’ve booked a vacation to Barcelona with your dog, rest assured it’s a very dog-friendly city. In fact, you’ll see plenty of people walking their dogs through the streets at every hour of the day. Dog owners can even ride the Metro […]

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