Month: July 2019


Renovate Your Apartment to Maximize Rental Income

If you own property and you want to rent it out, it is important to take a number of things into account, in order to receive the best possible rent. It is, without any doubt, common sense, that an apartment with neglected installations and old electrical appliances will not be worth the same rental price, […]

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From Gothic Chic To Playful Prints: How Barcelona Can Inspire Your Fashion

Report by Lucy Peters. With a proud history of art and textiles, it’s no wonder that Barcelona was recently ranked the 6th fashion capital of the world. If you’re looking to find your own style, or simply fancy some fresh sartorial inspiration, the city is packed with artistic treasures, architecture and natural beauty to give your wardrobe a […]

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Tips for Buying a Second Home

Many people would like to have the possibility of buying a second home. They would select a location that is close to where they spend their holidays and where they normally rent a property. Having a summer house shows a part of your status and financial means, but whether you want to buy a big […]

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Public Swimming Pools in Barcelona

Summer in the city of Barcelona can be extremely hot, and the humidity created by its nearness to the sea does not contribute in a positive way. It causes us to sweat greatly, even when temperatures in Barcelona are not as high as in other parts of Spain. That being said, if you have rented […]

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Why you must choose BGB as your touroperator in Barcelona?

Tourist in the Port of Barcelona. There are lots of ways to plan your Barcelona vacation. You could spend days reading guidebooks, checking travel reviews, and coordinating all your bookings, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get something close to your ideal trip. (Although if you go that route, you might spend as much time planning […]

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Famous people who have fallen in love with Catalonia  

Report by: Esme Fox Over the years, Catalonia has attracted many famous people, from Hollywood actors to artists, singers and writers. Many have fallen in love with the region’s charm, its landscapes, and of course its towns and cities, packed with amazing architecture and unique culture. Here are just a few of the celebrities who […]

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