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Sports are one of the things that unite people, especially team sports. Marathons, even if these are not team sports, make the most solidary part of the human being flourish. The mere fact of participating in the same activity, and being aware of the level of suffering and effort that is required to carry it out, develops empathy between participants, although in reality they are struggling to always be first. In popular marathons, there is something more important than winning, and that is to participate. If you run regularly and would like to participate in popular marathons, you can definitely not miss the Barcelona 2019 marathon on March 10. Today, the team of ShBarcelona will tell you all about the upcoming marathon.

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Discover one of the longest marathons in Barcelona

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The Barcelona marathon is one of the oldest urban races held in the Catalan capital. It is an event for all runners who are used to participating in urban marathons, whether they are from Barcelona or from any other place. The marathon of Barcelona has been organized in the Ciudad Condal for 41 years. This year’s marathon route begins at Plaza España and will pass through Camp Nou, Avinguda Diagonal, Avinguda Sarrià, Joan Miró Park, Gran Vía, Passeig de Gracia, Sagrada Familia, Avinguda Meridiana, Pont de Calatrava, again Avinguda Diagonal with the Torre Agbar, Passeig García Faria, Avinguda Litoral, Olympic Port with the Mapfre towers, Arc de Triomf, Ronda Sant Pere, Passeig de Isabel II, Paral·lel and will end where you started, at Plaza España. In total, the route is more than 40 kilometers long, and you can find refreshments to regain your strength during the marathon every 2,5 kilometers. The race will start at 8:30 a.m. on March 10, and it should be completed within a maximum of 6 hours.

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The Barcelona marathon started thanks to the impulse of two great Catalan athletes, who loved the art of running: Ramón Oliu y Miguel Pucurull. Both urged that a popular marathon be organized in the capital of Catalonia, in order to run along with other participants in a mass sports communion, each at its own pace and possibilities, without the desire to win but primarily to participate. The inspiration was given by the famous New York marathon, a test in which Oliu participated back in 1976. At a time when it was completely unlikely to see a person running in shorts through the streets of the city of Barcelona, because this could only be seen on the athletics tracks, they began organizing a competition, in which everyone could take part and where participation is more important than the end result. Therefore, if you are already a runner or like running in general, do not miss this marathon in the city of Barcelona.

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