Best Schools in Gràcia


When you move to a new city with your family and children, you will want to know what schools there are in the area you will be living in.

Not only do we value the opinions of other parents, we also check the facilities when there is an open day, want to know about teaching methods, school values or prizes the school has won in recent years.

To make searching for a school in the Gràcia district a little less complicated, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about the best schools in this district.

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Good schools in Barcelona’s Gràcia district

Escuela Vedruna Gràcia

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The Escuela Vedruna Gràcia has been operating in Vila de Gràcia since 1862, and this educational centre was founded by the Carmelite Sisters of the Vedruna Charity.

The centre consists of a team of well-trained professionals, teachers and assistants, who are committed to offering good quality education.

The centre’s students are mainly from the neighbourhood itself, and the school provides in different phases of educational needs between the ages of 3 and 17, from primary and secondary school to high school.

The Baccalaureate stage is a transitional phase after secondary school and before university, and students from other schools in the district and city can do their Baccalaureate at Escuela Vedruna Gràcia too.

Students from the different schools – Escuelas Vedruna de Barcelona, Inmaculada-Vedruna and Vedruna-Àngels – can also continue their education at the Propuesta Educativa Vedruna if they wish to do so.

Col·legi Sant Josep

Colegio San José is a subsidized school that has been educating since 1879. Its mission is to provide in all-round education.

They educate their students by making sense of their lives, not only by knowing themselves really well, but also by getting to know others, the environment, spirituality and God. They would like their students to transform into people who create a peaceful, fair and sustainable world.

Their main objective is for students:

  • To be sensitive and happy
  • To be independent and responsible
  • To be able to work together with others
  • To have the skills to do research and form their own criteria
  • To be linguistically competent in a diverse world
  • To have digital technology skills
  • To be entrepreneurs and show creativity
  • To have social skills and be emotionally mature
  • To be able to fully enjoy life
  • To have evangelical values
  • To show solidarity and commitment to create a better world

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Escola Reina Violant

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The purpose of the Escuela Reina Violant’s Educational Project is the integral education of children from 3 to 12 years old in the Gracia district of Barcelona, and to help them become people who succeed in this world, both on an intellectual and personal level.

When children finish primary school, they should have reached a self-reliance that is proper for their age, they should be able to apply different learning techniques and they should be able to show ethical and social behaviour.

This school emphasizes on technological innovations, the diversity of didactic and human resources and learning together in a welcoming and pleasant place. The school also encourages musical and artistic development within its project.

Educational objectives of this school are:

  • Learning to be
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to know
  • Learning to live together

Is there another school in Gràcia you can recommend?