Traditional Bakeries in Eixample

Buying bread for breakfast or lunch is a daily activity for most people in Barcelona, and for a couple of years now the bread-making industry has been competing to provide better high-quality products. Luckily, there are traditional bakeries throughout the entire city of Barcelona that have never lowered the quality of their freshly baked and […]

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Barcelona’s Modelling Agencies

As a teenager you might have dreamt of becoming a model in Barcelona, and although you have to compete with a large number of boys and girls to succeed, it is certainly not impossible. Whether you are staying in tourist accommodation or living in Barcelona, this article by ShBarcelona shares some of Barcelona’s modelling success […]

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Discover Masonic Barcelona

Freemasonry, the noted fraternity with its mysterious meanings, was first documented in Spain around 1728. They went through periods of time in which they flourished and others in which they were demonized as heretics. The most noted down period was when General Franco banned them from the country, demolished any existence of Freemasonry, and persecuted […]

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Palau Sant Jordi

Palau Sant Jordi is an impressive multi-purpose venue which sits atop Montjuïc as part of the Olympic Ring, landmark location of the 1992 Olympic Games. Below the sleek, iconic dome – which took 10 ten days and 12 hydraulic jacks to raise – you’ll find the ‘go to’ venue for all the biggest concerts, both […]

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