The best in Montserrat: 10 basic tips

Get ready for a trip can be as excited as difficult and sometimes you can miss important details to watch or take care of. What a better way to have a trip that following the advices of the local people… and if they are tourism professionals, even better. One of the indubible visits you should do […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Touring Barcelona

Barcelona 101: Why, When, and Where? I recently talked to someone who’s traveling to Barcelona soon, and they mentioned how overwhelming it has been to plan their trip. While they know which attractions they want to see most—finding information about tickets and guided tours has been a time-consuming task for them. I helped them out, […]

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Your perfect guide for Day Trips in Barcelona

Tourist in Barcelona I think we can agree that Barcelona is an astonishing city. The architecture, the food, the events—it wouldn’t be hard to spend months in Barcelona without doing the same thing twice. But if you’re here for more days, or for your second (third, fourth…) visit, there’s a big chance that you’re interested […]

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How to do Barcelona when you’re not a fan of art and architecture?

One of the beaches you can enjoy in Catalonia, Calella beach Barcelona is famous for its marvelous art and impressive architecture, and many travelers happily travel to Barcelona to see it. But some travelers simply aren’t interested in art and architecture and don’t want to stand around looking at century-old paintings and buildings. For those travelers, I’m […]

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The Catalan Big Brother – The best webcams in Barcelona

What better way to have a first approach to a city than watching its life live. Webcams are becoming more and more popular in the most important cities of the world and Barcelona cannot lag behind. Yes, we also have them in our city and we are going to tell you which are the best […]

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10 tips on how to visit Montserrat and make the most of your experience

Montserrat with a group of visitors When visiting Montserrat take note of the advices and notices of those who know it better: the local people. Follow these points and we assure you will get the most of your visit to the mountain. 1. How do i arrive? Spend the minimum time to get to the […]

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For the first time the Sacristy of Montserrat is open to the public

If you want to enjoy the best adventure in Montserrat, you must depart from Plaça Catalunya where the friendly orange umbrellas team is waiting for you. The adventure starts heading towards the well-known Mountain, an hour away from the city of Barcelona. After touring curvilinear roads with the private bus to the top of the […]

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The legends hidden in the mountain of Montserrat

Montserrat, mysterious land Montserrat is located 50 kilometers northwest of Barcelona. It is one of the most beautiful and admirable mountains in the world due to its abrupt and huge shapes. Its appearance impressive and threatening have created many legends around it. The impact it produces the first time you arrive at the mountain and contemplate […]

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