Spanish and Catalan cuisine


Where to Eat the Best Calçots in Barcelona

Calçots are one of the most well-known Catalan products of local gastronomy. This tender onion, roasted on a wood fire and eaten with a typical sauce, shows that simplicity is not incompatible with exquisiteness. While it is true, that eating calçots requires a certain skill and its ritual is somewhat crude, it is still authentic […]

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Common Catalan Dishes

The culinary offering in any tourist destination is always one of the most highly-anticipated elements of a city, and an especially dynamic and delicious offering awaits in Barcelona. Visitors to the Ciudad Condal are not left disappointed when it comes to the culinary scene, with visitors on average devoting around 30% of their budget to […]

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Spain’s Top 10 most popular drinks

With a reputation for being one of the best countries in the world, Spain’s irresistibly vibrant culture continues to beckon visitors from all over the globe. Offering mouth-watering cuisine, sun blossomed wines, Mediterranean beaches, and incredible architecture spilling from every street crevice, it’s easy to see how Spain has become one of the most popular destinations […]

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