Delicious Bolets: a treasure that grows from the ground!

Bolets (mushrooms) at the market. Many people celebrate the arrival of Autumn because it is time for ‘Bolets’! Find mushrooms in the woods is close to a sport in Catalonia (there are even official competitions about it), and in order to succeed you need some certain skills, knowledge, intuition, and also, a little bit of luck. So […]

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La Mercè: Barcelona’s festivals

Every September 24th and during a whole week, Barcelona celebrates its “Festa Major” – Barcelona’s festival of festivals, a celebration which goes back more than two-hundred years. La Mercè captures the character of the city itself, and transforms Barcelona into a grand stage bursting with fantasy and imagination. Over 600 activities and shows go on […]

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Fire celebrations: only for crazy and sensible people!

Dancing to fire makes you feel you are in an ancestral atmosphere. It is often a representation Good vs Evil, people dress as demons and dance to the sound of drums, which increases the ancestral feeling to it. Smoke and sparkles fill the streets during a Correfoc These fire celebrations are often a mixture of […]

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My favourite food in Barcelona for each month of the year

Barcelona has a different atmosphere for each season of the year, not only the weather changes, but also what we like to eat. What doesn’t change is that every meal is taken quite seriously, it is the best moment of the day, around a table with your family and friends and, if you’re lucky and […]

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Traditions with the beginning of the year: from the ‘Man of the noses’ to the ‘Three Kings’

Celebration of New Year in Barcelona A great way to enjoy even more your stay in Barcelona (if you visit the city during the first days of the year) is to know some curious traditions. Legends and myths that involve from The Three Kings or Three Wise Men of Bethlem to eating grapes at Midnight […]

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