Eating In The Dark In Barcelona


Dining in the dark at Dans Le Noir

Imagine a smell, something you love from childhood. Do you remember it? Now, remember the taste. You are able to relive that with some greater clarity but others with more difficulties; however, it is clear is that it is not necessary to see the dish to enjoy a good meal. While it is true that sometimes food enters our eyes, here is a culinary experiment that will develop the senses of smell, taste and even touch, since you will be blindfolded. Here at ShBarcelona we explain what it means to eat in the dark, an original way to enjoy your senses and have a fun time.

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Dans le Noir

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At Dans le Noir (In The Dark), the restaurant that offers us to eat in the dark and put our senses to the test. Dans le Noir is an eclectic experience that is not only limited to food. The main idea of its founder, Edouard de Broglie, is to make known the experience that blind people live in their daily lives when it comes to eating and drinking. Therefore, there is a willingness to show people without visual disturbances how they live and how they enjoy the small pleasures of life from another perspective, in which the sense of sight is not limiting. In this way, we develop an empathy with these people and understand better how they live and how they feel.

Live Through The Senses

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The first thing that comes to mind in front of such a challenge is the sensory experience that involves discovering flavors and textures only with the sense of taste, smell, and touch. The diners that meet must discover that they are eating and making this dining experience into a game. They smell, savor and play with food, challenge themselves to find out what each flavor is, taste their partner’s dishes, and enjoy flavors as they have never done beforeDans le Noir also lets people expand on their senses; blind people find their taste and touch sense expand more than others, and for us, it gives us the opportunity to push our own other senses without looking. 

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Socialize Without Seeing

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There are other factors that makes this experience unique. We talk more with our friends, the staff, and other diners that force a radical alteration in mind where we have to use our other senses to communicate. We need to touch others and guide them to find the bathroom, taste more of their plate and know if they are present or not. Space is smaller and we feel more fragile, but we drop any prejudices and social barriers. In short, communication becomes closer, sensitive and profound. We humanize ourselves when we stop seeing each other because at that moment we are all the same.

Have you visited Dans le Noir? What do you think about the experience?

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