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Father’s Day is a very special day. We thank our parents for their dedication to us and their care for us, and give back some of the love they have given us as a child. We enjoy going out for dinner, to celebrate this special day with the whole family. On the other hand, we also like to give presents, as a somewhat materialistic way to show our love for our father. If you want to give your father a very unexpected surprise, let ShBarcelona give you some interesting ideas for gifts for Father’s Day on March 19. Got your notebook ready?

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The best ideas for a Father’s Day gift

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Sometimes we lack creativity and we then manage to give our parents the same thing each year. These are the typical “useful” gifts, that we think will always serve them well. A compilation of gifts with these characteristics are: ties, socks, briefs, shirts, handkerchiefs… if you don’t want to change the type of present for your father, and consider them necessary and useful objects, you can give them a special touch and thus turn these objects into the most original gift. Take a look at the personalized gifts on UO, an online store that has a great collection of socks, key chains, frames, postcards, briefs, cushion covers, or bracelets with messages, that will surely enchant your father. But there are more gifts to consider. What about giving your father a kit to practice molecular cooking and thus feel like the famous Ferràn Adrià? Or maybe a beer tap, as if he were at the bar filling up some beer glasses? This will be enjoyed by all of his friends too. You can also choose a rugby ball shaped bag or an ultra-fast wine bottle cooler, very useful for when guests bring a good bottle of wine for lunch or dinner.

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For parents with certain health problems, you can give a set of stackable pillboxes for the whole week, which will make sure your father doesn’t get confused about his medication. Is your father a Star Wars fan? Well, you can give him a house robe, that looks exactly like the robe of a Jedi Knight. And of course you will ask yourself, where can I find all these fun gifts? On the website of an online shop called Curiosite, you can find all kinds of original gifts, that will surely leave your father in silence for a few minutes. Another website similar to Curiosite is, an online store where you can find gifts, such as a one-day pilot instruction flight in Madrid, or a whiskey glass with personalized engravings, high-quality virtual reality glasses, an exclusive designer’s chess board or a funny miniature golf set, ideal for using instead of reading the newspaper, while your father is on the toilet.

What will you give or do with your father this Father’s Day?

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