How to get to Montserrat and get the most of your trip


Sunset in Montserrat mountain

Sunset in Montserrat mountain

The Montserrat day trip can be as short or as long as you like, and you can combine it with other sites near Barcelona. There are so many options it’s sometimes difficult to choose, this is why you should take a moment to consider: with who are you traveling? How much time do you have? And how do you prefer to spend your time?

Here are our favourite ways to spend one day in Montserrat, which option do you pick?

  1. Do you want to see as much as possible in one day?

  • Visit Montserrat in the afternoon. You have a short stay in Barcelona or just don’t want to spend all day in Montserrat? The afternoon is best, because you have all morning to visit Barcelona and can leave a relaxed trip to the mountain in the afternoon.
  • If you want to see as much as possible and get the best price: Combo Codorníu-Montserrat-Sagrada Família It’s a long and profitable day, starting at 8.30 am to the Codorníu wine cellars, then have lunch in Montserrat and return to Barcelona to see the Sagrada Família in the afternoon.
  1. Do you want to have plenty of time to discover Montserrat Monastery in depth?

Normally there’s not enough time to do everything in Montserrat, so you have to choose if you want to see the Black Madonna, take the funicular or walk higher up to enjoy the views.

  • Magical night in Montserrat – spend the night if you want the complete experience. You’ll have time to take the funicular, walk around the mountain and enjoy the evening mass, far from the busy morning.

Both these tours include the Boys’ Choir in the evening, when there are no crowds and you can enjoy the experience in full. A magic moment you will love.

  1. What are the top sites for a day trip from Barcelona?

Besides Montserrat you will also want to see the vineyards in the Penedes wine and cava region.

  • Combine Montserrat with the Penedes wine and cava region: Montserrat and Codorníu Wine Cellars. This is actually lots of fun if you’re going with children, as there’s a train trip down the narrow and long underground cellars in Codorníu. You will also have a taste of cava at the end, which will be grape juice for people under 18 years old.

Codorniu Cavas

Codorniu Cavas

  1. Would you like to have a guide exclusively for you and your friends?

If you like to do everything your own way and want a customized tour, the best choice is a private tour. You will choose what to see, when to start and meet the guide at your hotel.

  • Private Montserrat Half day tour – 5 hours
  • Private Montserrat & Codorníu wine cellars – 7 hours
  • Private Montserrat & Sitges beach town – 8 hours
  1. Would you rather get out and about on your own?

You can take a train to Montserrat or go by car, once there you can drive near the Monastery and pay for the parking, or you can park at the bottom and take the Aeri cable car or the zip car.

  • You can rent a car
  • Take the train from plaça Espanya in Barcelona. Once you’re at the bottom of the mountain, you can take the cable car or zip car. Consider it will be a full day excursion.

*** Things to consider when planning your Montserrat day trip:

  • Avoid Sundays – that is when Montserrat becomes a tourist trap, you want to try and avoid when the monastery is very busy.
  • There’s about one hour drive, so a 4 hours tour will give you 2 hours to see the monastery area.
  • Make sure you get a professional driver and comfortable spacious transport. It’s a beautiful road to the top, but it’s also quite windy.
  • Dress a bit warmer than in Barcelona.
  • Try the handmade products elaborated by the merchants of the area. You can go to the stalls to taste its honey, jam or cheese. Definitely you must try the “mató” (fresh cheese).

You might love to plan your trip with care, or you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, maybe you would rather see less but take the time to relax and capture the essence of Montserrat, or you love to drink wine and have never tasted cava.

Montserrat in January

Montserrat in January