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Life can be stressful at times and one of the best ways to cheer up is to share a laugh with someone. It has been proven that laughter reduces stress and anxiety, makes us feel good, and can even extend our lifespan. There are many things that can cause us to laugh spontaneously but laughter therapy is a great way to give yourself a case of the giggles in the company of others. What exactly is laughter therapy, and where can you practice it in Barcelona? Read on to find out!

What is laughter therapy?

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Laughter therapy is designed to make you physically and emotionally feel the release of stress and anxiety while you laugh. Sessions can be booked individually but are more commonly done in groups as it is more effective to share laughter in a happy and peaceful environment. Sessions usually include some kind of warm-up, followed by several activities that are proven to get you releasing endorphins and laughing away.

Are you interested? If so, there are several options for trying this fun and unique activity in Barcelona!

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Escuela de Risoterapia de Barcelona

Doctor and scientist Norman Cousins is credited with developing laughter therapy back in the late 1970s, and the method has risen to great popularity due to its effectiveness and ability to help people heal naturally. Laughter therapy has a presence in Barcelona, thanks in part to the Escuela de Risoterapia de Barcelona. This is a great place to learn more about this interesting technique and they offer workshops in which you can participate and experience laughter therapy for yourself. You can even arrange a workshop for your business to take part in to help build a deeper relationship among co-workers!

Miles de Risas

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Miles de Risas is a laughter therapy center that specializes in making special events and occasions memorable, like birthdays, bachelor parties, family reunions, and more. You can book your next special event with Miles de Risas for an experience unlike any other, where you will partake in fun and exciting games and activities that will have you and your loved ones cracking up! In addition to parties, you can also contact the center to take part in one of their amazing laughter therapy workshops.

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There are many Meetups in Barcelona that offer people the opportunity share a laugh and some good vibes, without the formality of signing up for a session in a therapy center. Laugh! and Laughstorming are two Meetups that bring people together to not only make them laugh but to help them improve their listening skills, deepen their empathy, and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. For a truly unique experience, you can try Laughter Yoga with Finn, where you can do something good for your mind and body all at once.

Try some poses and have a few laughs – you’re guaranteed to leave feeling like a whole new person!

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