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Getting married can be a fairy tale or a nightmare; it depends on many factors, including how much it costs. It seems that a pompous wedding is more expensive and how much money invested in it represents more love between the couple. Big mistake. Nowadays couples who get married do not want to spend a lot of money and prefer to go through the celebration with less expense. In addition, many of them try to avoid the big celebration, but the family pressures them to make a banquet of the occasion. So, people have developed inexpensive, simple weddings in which the only important thing is to share the love of union, without embarrassing themselves on uncomfortable and superfluous expenses. An element that inexorably raises the price of the celebration of a wedding is the wedding dress, so at ShBarcelona we want to show you places where you can buy a low-cost dress for brides.

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Physical Stores

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Some inexpensive alternatives to consider can be from Martina Sposa on Avenida Diagonal 676. With the rise of low-cost weddings, this firm provides the possibility of designing a dress to the taste and budget of the bride for that beautiful day. Therefore, you can choose the finish of the dress and the material in order to turn it into one of your dreams, but at a price adapted to your pocket. Innovias is another popular option for brides-to-be looking for a cheap wedding dress. They have a store on Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes 774 and guarantee that you will have a cheap dress of good quality and with all the necessary arrangements to be perfect, in time so that you do not stress on your wedding day. 

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Online Stores

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One of the things that could make things cheaper is going digital. That’s right, instead of hassling store-to-store, online shopping provides quality products at very competitive prices. This is the case of Bridesire, an online store specializing in wedding dresses with hundreds of models and shapes. It will not be difficult to find one that you love. There is also Todo Ceremonias, another online store that has all kinds of costumes and dresses for a great celebration at very affordable prices. In addition to wedding dresses, you can find suits for the groom, the guests, and the bridesmaids. Finally, Sedka Brides is a bridal outlet dress store that can be very interesting for lovers of a specific bridal brand or designer.

Where did you buy your wedding dress? Do you know any of the options we propose in ShBarcelona?

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