North American Food in Barcelona


Fast food, hamburgers so big they’re difficult to eat, onion rings, chicken nuggets…. All these iconic foods imported from the United States have had huge success throughout the world, even in cultures with vastly different styles of food such as the Mediterranean where fruits, vegetables and legumes make up the majority of plates. North American food, particularly that of the United States, has always had an attractive marketing style with their calorie-filled, delicious and fun kitchen, making a spot for itself in Spain with different fast food joints. Hamburgers and pizza are attractive takeaway options when you don’t want to cook and are looking for a hardy, delicious meal, which is why today in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be telling you where to find classic United States-style food in the Ciudad Condal.

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“American” food – a melting pot of international styles

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The type of food generally associated with the United States is not always representative of the varied and eclectic types of food that actually exist within the country; due in grand part to the large mix of cultures and communities that form the melting pot which is the U.S., you can find all kinds of food from different parts of the world coexisting in this North American country. For this reason, there is no set way to describe a “typical” plate of the United States, although it is advertised as being limited to high-calorie foods such as hamburgers and pizza. In reality, the majority of dishes in the U.S. originated in other places including Ireland, Italy, England, Mexico, Africa, France and different parts of Asia, as well as indigenous foods from different Native American cultures. In Barcelona, there are stores that specialize in North American products that you generally wouldn’t find in a grocery store outside of the U.S., so North Americans can enjoy their snacks from home and those in Barcelona can try out some some foods they’ve perhaps never tried before. This is the case for Taste of America, a store where you can find candies, cereals, chocolates, pancakes, baked goods, condiments, soups, snacks and beers from the U.S. All of these products are imported directly from the United States, and you can buy their products online or in-store, with physical locations at calle Aragón, calle Balmes and at Esplugues de Llobregat.

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If you want to try some of the best brunch places in Barcelona with U.S. and Latin American-inspired plates, you can pay a visit to Benedict, in the Jaume I zone of Barcelona. After dining at this centrally-located restaurant, you can take a nice walk through the Barcelona’s most emblematic streets. For lovers of gourmet hamburgers, a must-have option is Bacoa, a burger joint with top-tier beef and delicious burger styles for all tastes. Lastly is an American-style restaurant par excellence in Barcelona and an excellent option for hamburgers, Tex-Mex food, carne asada, ribs, delicious sandwiches and incredible salads: Foster’s Hollywood. Foster’s has various locations throughout the city, at calle Balmes, 76, at the Centro Comercial Diagonal Mar, at the Centro Comercial Heron City, at Avenida Josep Tarradellas, in the Centro Comercial La Maquinista and along Paseo Manuel Girona.

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