Preparing Your House for Summer


Summer is a perfect time for changing habits and your energy is also much different, and this reflects both on the inside and out. You feel more alive, days are usually more sunny, and you want to open all your windows and spend time outside. If you have a terrace, then consider yourself lucky, because you can have a barbecue or outdoor dinner parties with friends. When summer comes, not only your mood and habits change, but your house also adjusts, as you want your decoration and style to be more fresh and light. And that is why today, ShBarcelona will tell you more about how to prepare your house for summer.

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Enjoy your home this summer

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The first thing you might want to do, is provide your home with the maximum amount of freshness. This can, for example, be achieved by changing to cotton sheets in your bedroom. This will help you breathe better during the night. Another tip: the curtains in your house should be light, so that they prevent full sunlight coming through, while still having plenty of daylight inside your home. Remove your heavy curtains for the next couple of months, as you won’t be needing them again until autumn. Also consider adding a lighter fabric to your sofa, by using a cover made of natural materials, like cotton or linen. This is more comfortable and keeps your skin from sticking to synthetic fabrics when it gets hot. It is also a good idea to remove carpets until the weather gets colder again. It will make your house feel cooler instantly. If there is too much sunlight coming through your windows, you can consider installing an awning. Besides this, ventilating first thing in the morning and then lowering the blinds or awning keeps your home cooler. This way you will benefit more from fresh air flowing through the rooms in your house, and you avoid spending too much on air conditioning.

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Another important thing to keep in mind, is to not set the air conditioning higher than recommended, which is usually between 24°C and 25°C. If you get into a good rhythm, by ventilating in the early morning hours or during the night and lowering the blinds during sunny moments, you will not need to lower the temperature. And if you have a terrace, get it ready now to be able to enjoy it fully this summer. Preparations include cleaning the whole area well and getting a table and chairs, if you do not already have these. Always remember to create an area with shade on your terrace. And if there is still a sunny part left, you can use a hammock and turn it into a comfortable solarium. To finish decorating your outdoor space, place some lovely plants and flowers here and there. Remember to choose the appropriate plants or flowers according to the characteristics of your terrace, because depending on the amount of direct sunlight or shade, they will either thrive or need replacement soon.

What is your best advice for preparing your house for summer?

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