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Nowadays we are all very aware of eating well, not only consuming healthy products, but also to choose produce that is completely natural, without the use of any chemicals. This hype for eating natural food has led to big producers of organic products, and every supermarket has now added a small or larger section of organic food to its store. And with strong demand comes bigger supply. Restaurants also want to join this positive food movement, and some advertise that their menu is made with only organic food for consumer’s peace. Today ShBarcelona will tell you more about the best organic restaurants in the city of Barcelona.

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Organic produce in Barcelona’s restaurants

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Restaurants with organic products tend to charge slightly higher prices than those that cook with non-organic products, but they are becoming more and more affordable. If you can say one thing, it is that the dishes are more tasty, the flavour is more intense, and therefore the overall result is of a higher quality. The first restaurant that ShBarcelona would like to recommend is Biocenter. It has emphasized the importance of healthy foods ever since the 1980’s. The history of Biocenter is marked by a group of young people, who began their journey to establish a healthy and sustainable life. The Vida Sana manifesto, published in 1975, was the start of a long journey, that gave way to the association that carries the same name and the Biocultura fair. Another interesting option is the restaurant Teresa Carles, located at Carrer Jovellanos 2 in Barcelona. They have had innovation upon innovation in the world of healthy eating, since they started in 1979. Currently, Teresa Carles Healthy Foods has more than 140 professionals and a team that follows its passion and desire to fulfil their dream: to improve the quality of life through healthy eating.

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Restaurant Amaltea, which opened in 1998, is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. Amaltea offers a lunch menu from Monday to Friday, with 2 courses and more than 6 options per course, plus a drink and dessert for only €11.30, or you can choose a main course with a drink for €9.30. In the evenings and during the weekend there are 2-course menus, plus a dessert and drink for €16.20 or half a menu for €11.90. At Amaltea they prepare every dish themselves, and also the desserts, seitan, yogurt, kefir and bread. They only look for natural flavours that combine well, and it should taste and look perfect. The algae, tofu, sprouts, infusions and some of the cereals and legumes are biological. Our last recommendation is restaurant chain Tribu Woki, a group of establishments whose essence is their firm commitment to pure organic products, so that the food there is only obtained by traditional methods and without using any chemicals. In addition to the many nutritional, health and flavour advantages, the consumption of local and organic products reduces environmental impact and is economically more fair for the farmer or producer.

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